Biotechnology students at work in the JCC Science CenterThrough Biology: A Molecular Approach, a course designed specifically for high schoolers, students will understand how science is actually performed, with a special emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of science. Basic principles of biology will be taught in concert with fundamental principles of chemistry and physics to broaden understanding of the natural world. Students will perform research projects that focus on gene expressions/cell biology and ecosystems to reinforce these basic principles. Additionally, through their authentic applications of the scientific method, students will learn basic skills like laboratory relevant math, reagent preparation, how to keep a lab notebook, and pipetting and micro-pipetting, among many others. Six Reasons to Participate in HURI SURI:

1. HURI SURI (High School Undergraduate Research Initiative/Science Undergraduate Research Initiative) provides equipment and supplies to teach an innovative college-level first semester biology course called Biology: A Molecular Approach (BAMA).

2. Four-year college partners enthusiastically support the transfer of BAMA for credit levels to a bachelors degree.

3. BAMA uses three exciting and well established pedagogical innovations to improve critical thinking and retention. These innovations are endorsed by the National Science Foundation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science:

  • ​​Case-study learning
  • Science taught using an interdisciplinary approach-math, chemistry, biology, and physics taight together
  • Investigative learning-innately interdisciplinary and very effective in improving engagement and learning for students

4. The grant provides $10,000 in new biotechnology equipment, $2000/year in supplies, generous stipends to attend the required Biotech Boot Camp and research experience at JCC, housing if needed, and travel money for training in Case-Based Learning.

5. BAMA students participate in authentic and engaging research projects. Investigative learning is used throughout JCC Biotechnology curriculum and it works!

6. All training and course materials will be provided online to participating teachers, including lecture slides, laboratory and assessment materials, and any other help needed to deliver the course in your school.

7. Your feedback will be used to hone the pedagogies used in science instruction which will be disseminated nationally through the NSF, so you will be participating in the improvement of science education nationwide.