Equipment and Supply Purchases
The project manager and JCC faculty involved in this grant will assist your district in assessing their needs to teach the new course.  In general, districts will receive a set package of equipment upon completion of the teacher training phase.  After the grant is complete, all high schools will be able to keep this equipment and any supplies that were purchased specifically for them.

Supply Purchases
Districts will be able to purchase supplies online ($2000/year for 3 years) with final approval by JCC.  The details of the ordering process will be discussed during the HURI SURI Boot Camp.  All large orders must be completed at least 1 month prior to the start of the academic year.  Supply purchases can be made during the academic year as well to meet month-to-month needs.  It will be necessary for JCC to receive all packing slips to confirm receipt of purchases.  Failure to comply with this requirement will impact approval of future supply purchases from this NSF grant.

Supplemental Equipment from JCC Biotech
The grant also funds additional equipment that can be loaned to area high schools by JCC Biotech for a short period of time.  The loaner equipment will be available to the districts as long as they continue to teach Biology: A Molecular Approach.  Arrangements for loaner equipment can be made with the project manager.