High School Teacher Eligibility
High School instructors approved to teach this course at the high school level must be broadly grounded in biology, meet the same standards as a college adjunct, and meet one of the two following criteria:

  • A master's in biological sciences, ideally in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, or an allied field (e.g. molecular genetics, microbiology, environmental biology, etc.), or:
  • A bachelor's in a science discipline that includes at least 20 credit hours in biological sciences and 16 credit hours in chemistry (starting with the two-semester college chemistry sequence).

All instructors are expected to satisfactorily complete the HURI SURI Boot Camp and research training which will give them the specialized skills set needed to teach this course.

School District Eligibility
The purpose of this grant is to equip high schools with biotechnology expertise and equipment. Participating high schools are not required to dedicate a lab for these activities. Almost all pieces of equipment are mobile; however, there is a small freezer which must be dedicated only to this project with NO FOOD PRODUCTS STORED IN IT, and must be accessible to students.