Katelyn Stahlman

Katelyn Stahlman
Joined JCC
Liberty Partnerships Program
Primary Campus
Jamestown Campus
LPP Navigator, Dunkirk Middle and High Schools

My name is Katelyn Stahlman and I am the JCC Liberty Partnerships Program navigator at the Dunkirk Senior High and Dunkirk Middle School. I completed my associate's degree in Human Services at Jamestown Community College and my bachelor's degree in Social Work at Fredonia State University. I will be pursuing my master's degree in Social Work at the University at Buffalo in the fall.

I have worked in a variety of different areas, but never felt like I found my "dream job" until I became involved with this wonderful program. The students that I work with on a daily basis have made this such a rewarding career and constantly inspire me by their hard work, dedication, and growth.


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