Culture and Language across the Curriculum (CLAC) is a means of infusing multicultural and multilingual opportunities throughout the curriculum. The underlying premise is that students should be afforded multiple opportunities to use language and experience culture in meaningful ways. The exploration of global perspectives is a valuable experience in any content course and such endeavors better prepare our students to participate critically in our current world. CLAC may take a variety of forms, such as a course linked to study abroad, as a series of content-specific discussions conducted in a language other than English, or as a research project attached to a non-language content course.  A CLAC experience, if designed correctly, is beneficial to both the student and the teacher.

As part of the effort to internationalize the JCC curriculum, we are looking for interested students and faculty members who would like to experiment with CLAC. Our vision is to identify students who have intermediate level language proficiency skills in a language other than English to conduct a one-credit research project related to a content area of choice. Initially a language teacher and content area teacher will collaborate with the student to develop the thesis and expected outcomes of the research project. Once established, the language teacher will advise and assist the student as he/she conducts the research in the target language and/or culture. In doing so, our students will witness the value of language learning and cross-cultural understanding while continuing to pursue a content area of interest.

How will this work?

  1. A student expresses interest in a CLAC research project using Spanish, French, Russian, or Arabic.
  2. The student identifies a course and related research topic and approaches his/her course instructor and the coordinator of World Languages, Theresa Baginski.
  3. A language teacher is identified to serve as the supervising faculty member for the research project.
  4. A learning contract is developed between the two faculty members and student, outlining expectations.
  5. The student conducts research using resources from a target country and/or language and produces the agreed upon product.

If you are interested in discussing a CLAC opportunity or would like to learn more about the possibilities, please contact Theresa Baginski via form or 716.338.1159.

NOTE: For additional information, please watch the webinar produced by NAFSA entitled Culture and Languages Across the Curriculum. (JCC Common/WEBINARS/AHHA)

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