How Can Faculty Participate?

Through the US Department of Education UISFL grant, awarded this fall, we are able to offer a modest honorarium for up to 10 faculty members over the next 18 months to embed a global perspectives module into their elected courses.

Incorporate a global perspectives learning module in an existing course

Faculty can infuse a course lesson with global perspectives through the implementation of a learning module.

Utilize CLAC modules

Culture and Language across the Curriculum (CLAC) is a means of infusing multicultural and multilingual opportunities throughout the curriculum. The underlying premise is that students should be afforded multiple opportunities to use language and experience culture in meaningful ways. The exploration of global perspectives is a valuable experience in any content course and such endeavors better prepare our students to participate critically in our current world. CLAC may take a variety of forms, such as a course linked to study abroad, as a series of content-specific discussions conducted in a language other than English, or as a research project attached to a non-language content course.

If you are interested in discussing a CLAC opportunity or would like to learn more about the possibilities, please contact Theresa Baginski at 716.338.1159.

  • Visit the CLAC website to learn more about how the consortium can help you build a course.
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