The World and the Classroom

Faculty Spotlight
Heather Burrell

Heather Burrell, assistant professor of Nursing

Heather traveled to Guatemala to visit possible sites for study abroad and student internships, focusing on nursing. She and Theresa Baginski made several connections with agencies in and around Antigua that have become real opportunities to study abroad and volunteer next summer! 

A study abroad course has been planned for spring 2016, complete with two weeks in Guatemala, May 28-June 12.  We are pleased to report that the class has 28 students registered!

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What is Global Education?

Global education is defined not as an object of study, but rather as a methodology that involves active, student-centered, cooperative learning. Global education is a lens on course material that respects peace and justice, environmental needs, and human rights for all by engaging with issues and problems that impact our world, with a view to developing global citizenship through critical thinking and civic engagement.

The impetus to integrate global and comparative perspectives into the curriculum is reflected in JCC's Strategic Plan: to prepare all members of the broad college community to understand and function within a global context. Driven by this guiding statement, a team of faculty and administrators have worked to articulate an operational mode to realize our strategic goal. Comprehensive Globalization (CG), which is defined as the infusion of global concepts and perspectives throughout the JCC experience in order to assure that every graduate of JCC is interculturally competent in their professional careers and personal lives, is just such an initiative. Its aim is to foster a cultural transformation college-wide, making global perspectives part of the fabric of the organization.​

The global education activities outlined in this website are sponsored by the Title VI UISFL grant awarded by the US Department of Education: International and Foreign Language Education Office.

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