How to start an official JCC social media account

Jamestown Community College social media accounts help JCC reach students and community members.

The first step is to meet with the social media specialist to discuss the creation of an official account that will be listed in our directory. We have established a college-wide standard for the creation, use, and management of official branded social media accounts, and the social media specialist can help you follow the standard.

JCC social media comment policy

We encourage our followers to post, comment, and interact with others on JCC’s official social media outlets. We expect remarks to remain on topic and be respectful of the rights and opinions of others. Posted comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of JCC.

Online comments are monitored by the social media specialist. JCC reserves the right, but is not obligated to, remove comments. Prohibited comments include, but are not limited to:

  • Racist, sexist, abusive
  • Profane
  • Obscene or vulgar
  • Violent
  • Spam
  • Support illegal activity
  • Contain false information or are off topic
  • Duplicate, or libel, incite, threaten or direct attacks on JCC students, faculty, staff, campus guests, or other individuals
  • Messages that sell products or promote political, commercial, or other ventures unless they are related to the college or its operation

Repeated violations may result in the author being blocked from JCC’s social media outlets.

If you have concerns about content posted on one of JCC’s social media outlets, contact the social media specialist. We welcome your feedback and thank you for helping us create a safe and respectful online community.

Tips on using social media

General recommendations for social media

Be careful

Remember that anything you share on social media, even within a closed network, is not private. It can be shared, stored, and spread globally. Do not post confidential or proprietary information about the college; content that violates state or federal law; or information or images that are obscene, untrue, or defamatory.

Be respectful

As a member of the JCC community, it is vital that you engage in thoughtful and respectful dialogue that promotes freedom of speech and sensitivity to and respect for the rights of others. Be professional and do not engage in arguments or debates with others.

Be authentic

You represent JCC when you engage on a JCC social media account. As a brand, we want to build a reliable, trustworthy relationship with our audience. It is important to remember that when we answer questions, address concerns, and post, our responses should be in a natural and personable manner. Be a person when you’re posting.

While social media is a valuable platform to promote various campus events and happenings, only about 20% of your posts should be promotional in nature. People use social media to be rewarded, entertained, and to connect with people, places, and things they deem worthy of their time.

Be accurate

Make sure information is factual and accurate before sharing. It is always better to verify information with a source first, instead of posting a correction or retraction later. If wrong information is shared, tell your audience and correct it. Review content for grammatical and spelling errors before posting.

Be active

A successful social media presence requires time and effort. If you cannot check into your account at least a few minutes each day and post fresh and compelling content several times a week, you may reconsider managing social media.

Link back

You are encouraged to provide a link to (or any other official SUNY JCC sites) in your posts.

Accept and monitor comments

Be prepared to accept and monitor comments. Not all comments will be positive. Respond to comments professionally and by providing additional information that may help resolve the issue. Remove comments containing vulgar language, those that attack any one group or individual, and those that are obviously spam. See JCC’s social media comment policy for more information.

Contribute valuable information

Make sure posts add to the community or topic. Don’t just talk about your program or department – share good news from around the college, as well as interesting content from trusted sources outside of the college.

Promote your accounts

Make it easy for people to find you on social media. Include your account on everything you send out (flyers, postcards, calendars, posters, emails). Make sure that you are listed on the official JCC social media directory and that you have completed all steps necessary to manage an official JCC social media account.

Measure effectiveness

Use Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Hootsuite, Icono Square, and other tools to gain a better understanding of your account’s effectiveness. These tools will help you better engage your audience by telling you which content works best at specific times and days.

Post shareable content

Social media users love photos and videos, especially those they feel connected to. Photo albums and videos of students, faculty, staff, and campus are by far our most popular social media posts. Posts that offer benefits are always a hit. Sharing news from your department, an interesting behind-the-scenes photo, or a contest can grab your audience’s attention.

You may not have time every day to produce engaging content. You can share links to relevant tips, advice, self-help, and news articles. For example, if final exams are approaching, consider sharing a "ways to ace your finals" article or something similar. Feel free to repurpose others’ content to work for you, making sure to credit the source.

Use holidays and other key dates throughout the year as reasons to engage your audience. It seems like every other day is National Doughnut Day or National Pet Day or National (fill in the blank) Day. Use National Teachers Day, for instance, to share good news (and a photo) of a faculty member.

Ask a question with the idea of building a conversation and receiving meaningful responses. You can ask your followers their opinion on a particular hot topic related to your field, or to leave a comment on their memory of an event you’re hosting. Engage with your audience on an authentic, genuine level.

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