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The Marketing Department offers many services to help the college and its employees share news and information about Jamestown Community College to various internal and external audiences. Through creative design, community relations, social media, and web-based services, the department aims to increase awareness of JCC’s programs, events, and services.

The Marketing Department can help you with:

Creative design

Printing and design services are available to college departments. Our graphic designer can help with the production process – from developing an initial design and generating cost estimates to copy editing, proofreading, and providing printing counsel and assistance. Printing and design projects come in many forms, including:

  • direct mail pieces
  • posters
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • banners
  • signage

Begin every project by consulting with our office during its initial stages and requesting a quote for your job. A budget code is required for the cost of printing materials.

Please contact the designer at least three weeks prior to the date you will need your final product delivered. Allow more time for larger, more detailed projects.

For questions, contact the graphic designer at 716.338.1038.


Resources and templates are available for do-it-yourself projects, such as a PowerPoint presentation, a quick poster/flyer, or a basic brochure. To learn more about these resources, visit and review the JCC Brand Page.

Using Official Jamestown Community College Logos

The Jamestown Community College Brand Book reviews logo usage and guidelines for all editorial and published materials produced on campus. To view or print the Brand Book, and to download the approved versions of the logo, visit and review the JCC Brand Page.

Business Cards

All college business cards must conform to a specific format and may not carry unit-specific logos.

Business cards are available to administrators, faculty and staff who serve as directors or coordinators, and others with administrative approval.

To place a business card order, contact the community relations coordinator at 716.338.1047.

Letterhead and Envelopes

Letterhead and envelopes are available in a variety of formats and sizes.

To check availability and place orders, contact the JCC mailroom at 716.338.1027 (Jamestown) or 716.376.7573 (Olean).


The community relations office maintains a JCC Flickr account. All images are available for use by the college community in a variety of contexts. Although all photos on the account are public images, they are copyrighted as “All rights reserved.” If you are using a photo from the JCC account for a non-JCC related publication, please add a credit line that reads “Photo courtesy of Jamestown Community College.”

To download a photo from Flickr

Double click on the photo. A menu on the bottom right side of the image has three icons. Click on the one with the arrow pointing downward. A Download/All sizes hover option will appear, which allows you to choose the download size.

Forwarding a link to a photo on JCC’s Flickr account

After accessing an image, you will see icons on the bottom right side. Choose the one of an arrow pointing to the right, which will provide options for sharing as well as a shortened url.

Photo/Video Release Form

The rules governing when you should and should not obtain a signed photo/video release form can be difficult to parse. To err on the side of caution, we encourage faculty and staff to obtain a signed photo/video release when they are taking pictures or video of JCC events and people with the intention of widely distributing those images and/or using them to promote JCC and its programs

Download the JCC Photo/Video Release Form


Have a program, event, or story that might benefit from media attention? Before submitting a request to the community relations office, be ready with the five Ws - who, what, when, where, and why - which will help generate a news release or media pitch more completely and quickly. The more details you provide makes our job easier to accomplish.

Since JCC reaches out to media sources that have varying publication and/or broadcast schedules, plan accordingly with your request for a news release, especially if it is time sensitive.

If you have any questions, contact the community relations office at 716.338.1047.

Social media

JCC’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites are managed by the social media specialist within the marketing department. However, the greater JCC’s presence on social media, the better, so long as that presence is uniform and high quality. To create a unit-specific social media presence, college personnel should: 

  • Consult with the social media specialist
  • Provide editorial access to the social media specialist
  • Note that the unit-specific presence does not reflect the official views of the college
  • Link to the college’s official social media presence
  • Include SUNY JCC in your social media page name

Please consult the college's social media policy for more information.

All JCC faculty and staff is invited to join the college's Social Media Users Committee. The committee allows campus social media users to collaborate, share their successes, and keep up with the latest trends in social media.

Visit JCC's Social Media Directory to access the college's official accounts.

Contact the social media specialist at 716.338.1046 with questions.

Web services

The marketing department maintains the Jamestown Community College website, and works with stakeholders across the college to create new content and ensure that all current content on the website is updated, accurate, engaging, and furthers the college’s mission and goals.

The Web Team

The web team is divided into two primary areas: web content and web development. The web content manager is responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining content on the website, while the web developer is responsible for the coding and functionality of the website, server maintenance, security, and integrating the website with JCC’s content management system (CMS).

Web Content

For web content updates and projects, please complete the request form. We can help with:

  • creating new pages or sections on the website
  • creating web forms for event registration or outreach
  • developing video and other multimedia
  • writing content and stories
  • formulating and executing an overall content strategy
  • accessing web analytics

Web Technology

The web developer deals with all technical aspects of the website including:

  • implementation of designs for various pages and features
  • development of features that require custom coding or modification to our CMS
  • development and installation of related websites
  • upkeep of our CMS software and the web server
  • management of digital billboards on the Cattaraugus County and Jamestown campuses, as well as the interactive display in the science center alcove

For questions, contact the web developer at 716.338.1190.

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