Arts, Humanities, and Health Sciences

Maria Kindberg, Dean

Discipline Name Director/Coordinator Campus
Communications Simone Sellstrom Coordinator All
Developmental Studies Program Justin March Coordinator All
Humanities Jessica Kubiak Director All
English Johnny Stein Coordinator All
World Languages, ELI, Philosophy,
Theresa Baginski Coordinator All
Global Studies Shannon Bessette Coordinator All
Media Arts, Visual and
Performing Arts
Simone Sellstrom Director All
Art Yu Kanazawa Coordinator All
Media Arts Simone Sellstrom Coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
Music Neil Flory Coordinator All
Nursing Kathy Taydus Director All
Nursing Jennifer Visbisky Coordinator Olean
Occupational Therapy
Assistant Program
Sarah Tranum Interim Director Jamestown
Physical Education/Dance Kathy Stedman Director All

Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Jean Schrader, Dean

Discipline Name Director/Coordinator Campus
Computer & Information Sciences Dave Jeffery Director Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
Computer & Information Sciences David Lee Coordinator Olean
Engineering Science & Technology Jeff Teluk Director All
Welding Technology Brent Harkness Coordinator All
Mathematics Stephanie Zwyghuizen Director All
Mathematics Amanda Bartels Coordinator Olean
Sciences Kirk Parmenter Director All
Biotechnology Jackie Crisman Coordinator All
Chemistry Ellen Lehning Coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
Environmental Science Janis Bowman Coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
Health Related Biology/
Principles of Biology
Kirk Parmenter Coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
Sciences Bob Ratterman Coordinator Olean

Social Sciences and Business

Marilyn Gerace, Dean

Discipline Name Director/Coordinator Campus
Business Jim Chimenti Director All
Business Cindy Hinz Co-coordinator Olean
Business Sarah Bray Co-coordinator Olean
Criminal Justice Marilyn Gerace Director All
Education Renee Funke Director All
Early Childhood Education Elizabeth Starks Coordinator All
Human Services Catherine Iannello Director All
Human Services Francis LaChappelle Coordinator Olean
Office Technology/
Health Information Technology
Jeanne Johnston Director All
Social Sciences Shannon Bessette Co-director Olean
Social Sciences Frank Corapi Co-director Jamestown,
History/Political Science/Psychology
Shannon Bessette Coordinator Olean
Anthropology/Sociology/Geography Shannon Bessette Coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
History Traci Langworthy Coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
Psychology Frank Corapi Coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren

Student Development

Discipline Name Director/Coordinator Campus
Humanistic Education Tammy Smith Coordinator All
INT 1500: Master Student Eileen Goodling Coordinator All
INT 1500: Master Student Tammy Smith Co-coordinator All
INT 1520: Student Success Seminar Janelle Gray Co-coordinator Jamestown,
Dunkirk, Warren
INT 1520: Student Success Seminar Beth Lisi Co-coordinator Olean


Discipline Name Director/Coordinator Campus
Library Tim Arnold Director All
Library Mary Jermann Coordinator Olean
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