The Arts at JCC

Show off your creativity

Jamestown Community College brings art opportunities to Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties. We host art exhibitions, musical concerts, and theatrical performances. You’ll want to make sure you attend an event - or better yet, participate!


Join a music group or ensemble without an audition, and earn college credit at the same time! Get involved with the choir, concert band, jazz ensemble, or rock ensemble. You can also take classes in audio, video, and multimedia production, as well as music technology.

Visual arts

The Weeks Gallery on the Jamestown Campus and Center Gallery on the Cattaraugus County Campus feature special guest artwork, programs, and residencies. Meet visiting artists and enter your own work in our spring student showcase. Try our classes in a variety of studio arts, photography, digital media, and graphic design.


The JCC Uncommoners, our own theatrical group and production company, produce two shows each year in the Scharmann Theatre on the Jamestown Campus. Attend a performance, or audition for a role! Nervous? We have classes in acting and stage production. The Cutco Theater on the Cattaraugus County Campus hosts performances throughout the year as well.

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Music Department


Weeks Gallery


Scharmann Theatre