One-Plus-One Transfer Agreements 

JCC has special arrangements with the State University of New York College of Technology at Alfred (Alfred State) in biological science. Under these "one-plus-one" agreements, students normally spend one year at JCC and then transfer to Alfred State to complete the second year of the degree program. Through appropriate course selection in consultation with an academic advisor at JCC, students prepare for successful transfer and earn their degrees from the transfer institution. 

SUNY College of Technology at Alfred (Alfred State)

The Biological Science Program at Alfred State
Transfer Agreement (.pdf)

Students can complete one year of study at JCC and then transfer to Alfred State into biological science (curriculum code: 0584).

Important Points

  • Time to Complete Degree:
    Acceptance of the 34-38 credits listed above leaves the student with 30-34 credits to be 
    completed at SUNY/Alfred. These remaining credits and the course offerings at Alfred permit a 
    transferring student to fulfill the curriculum requirements with two additional semesters at 
    SUNY/Alfred if courses are completed satisfactorily. 
  • Quality Point Index:
    With a Quality Point Index (Cumulative Index) of at least 2.0 and passing grades in all 
    transferable courses at Jamestown Community College, the student is guaranteed acceptance 
    into the Biological Science program at the SUNY College of Technology at Alfred. 
Alfred State Transferable Courses
Alfred State Course Requirement (crs) JCC Equivalent (crs)
CHEM 1984 Chem Principles I (4) CHE 1550 College Chemistry I (4)
CHEM 2984 Chem Principles II (4) CHE 1560 College Chemistry II (4)
Math Electives*** (6-8) Math Electives*** (6-8)
COMP 1503 Freshman Composition II (3) ENG 1530 English Composition II (3)
LITR 2604 Intro to Literature (3) ENG 1540 Writing About Literature (3)
BIOL 1104 General Biology I (4) BIO 1570 Principles of Biology I (4)
BIOL 2204 General Biology II (4)
[OR] BIOL 2204 and BIOL electives (8)

BIO 1580 Principles of Biology II (4)
[OR] BIO 2660 Zoology and BIO 2670 Botany (8)

Social Science Elective (3) Social Science Elective (3)
American History, Western Civ. or Other World Civ. Elective (3) American History, Western Civ. or Other World Civ. Elective (3)

***Math – dependent on background and selected from MAT 1250 Applied Technical Calculus, MAT 1540 Elementary Statistics, MAT 1590 College Algebra and Trigonometry, MAT 1600 Precalculus, MAT 1710 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, and MAT 1720 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II. 

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