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Summer 2016 Issue

President's Letter

Dear Alumnus,

Today’s world is a noisy one. As technology enlarges our social spheres and enhances the connections between them, it’ll get even noisier. That means it’s more difficult than ever for an organization to stand out from the crowd. Companies the world over spend billions on branding and institutions of higher education are no different. We invest heavily in our brand and spend a great deal of time strategizing about the best way to leverage that investment.

But what’s in a brand? For many organizations, it’s about logos, slogans, and company colors. JCC has those things, of course, but we take it one important step farther.

Our brand is you, our alumni. You are our greatest success. You are the best example of our work. You shine a spotlight on the importance of this college, every single day, through your efforts to make your community a better place to live, work, and play. Our brand is, too, the values we instill in our alumni. A commitment to excellence. A lifelong desire to learn and grow. A desire to help others and serve their communities with a deep sense of purpose. 

This is our brand. This is JCC.

So many of our alumni have emerged as community and business leaders with whom JCC enjoys a great and rewarding relationship. Others are members of the faculty and staff at this great college, each of whom continually inspires me. As president, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our alumni and in each one of them I see the JCC brand personified. Perhaps most rewarding of all: I am in a unique position to watch the JCC brand begin to emerge in those who have yet to cross the stage.

In this issue of green&gold, we celebrate a few of the more than 21,000 living examples of the JCC brand. The alumni featured in these pages are creators in their own ways: one is an artist; one is an entrepreneur; one is a mayor; and several are authors. Each is shaping the world, armed with fresh ideas, the strength of their beliefs, and the foundation of a JCC education. 

I know that I speak for all of us at JCC when I say that we’re so very proud of our alumni and all that you’ve accomplished.

Cory L. Duckworth, J.D.

The Space to Create: Jerry Lee, '99

Heavy on creativity. Light on pretense.

That’s The Quilted Squirrel in a nutshell (forgive us). It’s a quirky, full-service marketing firm based in Hamburg, NY. As far as co-founder Jerry Lee, '99, is concerned, success is about creating space for creativity, getting excited, and never taking things too seriously. 

The combination works: the firm has grown from a two-person shop to include eight employees, plus an intern or two. The firm counts among its clients a variety of Western New York organizations including St. Bonaventure University and Sweet Home Federal Credit Union, as well as national companies including Fisher-Price, FedEx, and Perry’s Ice Cream.

“We make sure nothing curbs creativity,” Lee said. “Nothing is ever off the table. Some of our best ideas come to light when we’re talking about a completely different project. Being your own boss [means you can let] your creativity reign. We find that we don’t have to be crazy – and sometimes, the creativity comes through in how you deliver the messages as much as it does in the message itself.”

Lee – who worked in manufacturing for more than a decade and earned several promotions during that time – said he became more concerned with climbing the corporate ladder than he had ever intended. He realized it was time for a change.

“I had created some great work with some amazing people and learned an incredible amount about business,” he said. “But I found that my personal goals weren’t easily attainable within their business structure. There are limitations to truly impacting someone else’s business. But even while I was looking to participate in integral, impactful business decisions, I had never considered entrepreneurship.”

Until he met Steve Lingle.

“Steve has always had the entrepreneurial bug,” Lee said. “He was fearless and confident. We started talking about the landscape of marketing and advertising agencies in Western New York and saw an opportunity to really create something exciting. We could work without the restraints of a corporate organizational chart and could trust in our own instincts to develop ideas.”

It was that need for space – the space a creator needs to explore – that led Lee to Jamestown Community College in the first place.

“Going into college at 18, I didn’t have many plans for my time at JCC,” Lee said. “I wanted to take some art classes and try to decide what career paths interested me. I saw JCC as a fail-proof way to take some time deciding on my career. I knew the classes I took would be transferrable. And maybe this isn’t a sexy answer, but the humanities program wasn’t intimidating.”

It was Deb Lanni, a former communication and media arts professor and the coordinator for JCC’s communication and media arts program, who helped Lee navigate his time at JCC.

“Deb was immeasurably helpful,” he said. “She might be the world’s most caring individual – and you should print that, because she deserves to have everyone hear it. She treated me like a legitimate designer, even though I hadn’t done anything to prove or deserve it. She was my sounding board on everything from employment options to continuing education. She helped me to hone in on a graphic design focus. Deb’s encouragement led me to find confidence in myself.”

Lee also remembered Bill Disbro, an artist who was hired in 1970 as JCC’s first full-time art professor. It was Disbro who developed and introduced the college’s first art program – and he who helped Lee realize he had standards.

“He once told me that one of the assignments I had handed in wasn’t up to my standards,” Lee said. “That was pretty profound. I didn’t know that I had a standard. At that point – I did.”

Asked for advice to share with current or future JCC students, Lee said he’d encourage students to “be their own judge of their worth – and to find it in places other than their report cards.”

“When you’re in a situation of learning, it’s easy to let instructors give you grades on your performance, and to judge your worth by test scores,” he said. “The grades are important, but there are many valuable connections you’ll find in school and in life, that contribute greatly to personal development.”


Alumni Profile 

Jerry Lee
Co-Founder, The Quilted Squirrel
Hamburg, New York

Connect with Jerry
LinkedIn  |  Twitter
Jamestown Community College, A.S., Liberal Arts & Sciences (1999)
SUNY Fredonia, B.A., Fine Arts, Media Arts (2004)
St. Bonaventure University, M.A., Integrated Marketing Communications (2012)
University of Oxford, coursework, Integrated Marketing Communications (2012)



On Being Energized: “I get excited about what we’ve created at The Quilted Squirrel. We have employees that have chosen to work with us over other great opportunities. We’ve attracted amazingly talented people and we’ve created an environment that they seem to enjoy.  I get excited thinking about the great work that’s being created … that makes me pretty happy.”

On Intention: “We set out with the intention of creating a business, and tried hard to avoid being ‘a couple guys who do marketing.’ That means treating your business like it’s more than a startup; like there’s a purpose for what you do, and the world needs it.”

On Entrepreneurship: “PLAN! We put together a 100-page research report and business plan that outlined our goals and expectations of the business. It helped us to secure funding, and more importantly, to convince our spouses. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It takes a lot of your time, and monopolizes your thoughts. It’s worth it, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. Be prepared, and learn everything you can about your market before you begin.” 

The Dream to Create: Deb Eck, '01

Debra Eck, ’01, was a girl with a dream.

As a teen living in Essex, United Kingdom, she applied and was interviewed for admission to the exclusive Royal College of Arts in London. Her application for admission was ultimately denied. Crushed, she put aside any hope of going to art school and focused on her second love: physics.

And then life happened. As she was preparing to leave for college, she met the man who would become her husband. She applied for a year off from school, fully intending to continue her pursuit of a degree. But by the end of the year, she was married and moving to America. Life didn’t stop there, though: three children further paused her plans for an education. 

Fast forward about a dozen years later, and life again intervened – but this time, to put Eck where she needed to be exactly when she needed to be there. During a chance encounter at a backyard barbecue, she met Bob Schlick, ’72, the longtime coordinator of JCC’s Scharmann Theatre. They spoke about her experience with theatrical costume design and, as it turned out, he needed someone to create costumes for a production. 

“That conversation got me thinking about going to college,” Eck said. “Working with the students in that production made me think that maybe returning to school wasn’t such a crazy idea. I filled out an application before I could lose courage and the next thing I knew I was enrolling in classes.”

Like many non-traditional students, Eck had her doubts. She said she was afraid of going back to school and nervous about whether she’d fit in with the younger students. Would she be competitive? Was it too late? But JCC was convenient – it was close to home and enabled her to take classes on a flexible schedule – and she had a solid network of friends and family willing to help her juggle the kids’ schedules. Financial assistance made it “incredibly affordable,” too.

Ultimately, she knew JCC was her big opportunity to make her dream come true.

“Honestly, it all felt like a second chance to see if I had what it would take to become an artist – a dream I had never really totally given up on or forgotten,” she said. “When my work was accepted into the college’s Juried Student Art Exhibition during my sophomore year, it was such a positive affirmation. Seeing your work up on the wall is really transformative. At that moment, I started to believe that I really could become an artist.”

She has, indeed, become an artist – an internationally exhibited artist, by the way – and has also emerged as a professor and a community leader. 

“Without JCC it would never have happened,” she said. “Applying to a four-year school as a non-traditional student was too intimidating. I just wouldn’t have gone back. JCC made me feel like I didn’t stand out too much. It was JCC that re-ignited my passion and gave me the confidence to pursue my goals.”


Alumni Profile

Debra Eck
Adjunct Professor, Studio Arts
Jamestown Community College

Connect with Deb
LinkedIn  |  Blog  |  Web

Jamestown Community College, A.S., Fine Arts: Studio Arts (2001)
The University at Buffalo, B.F.A., Fine Arts (2004)
University of Northumbria at Newcastle, M.A., Visual Culture (2006)

Recent Awards & Artist Grants
2014: YWCA Woman of Achievement Award, Arts & Culture
2013; United Arts Appeal Individual Artist Stipend
2012: Zonta Club, Women in Leadership Award
2012: Ray and Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation Artists in the Community Grant
2011: United Arts Appeal Grant for Art in the Wild

A Life of Service: Jim Rensel, '83

As a kid growing up in Ashville, NY, Jim Rensel, ’83 always wanted a career in law enforcement. He never intended to be a politician. 

Yet that’s exactly where life has taken him. Now a 30-year veteran of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office, where he is a patrol lieutenant, Rensel has spent 12 years in politics, most recently as mayor of the village of Falconer.

“The local political environment fascinates me because, for the most part, people from different political points of view get along well together and support each other,” he said. “I feel privileged to be mayor and I am blessed to be able to work with the village’s employees we have working for the village.”

Rensel chose to begin his education at JCC for several reasons and said the college was instrumental in reinforcing his career choice.

“JCC was a great choice. It was affordable, it enabled me to live at home and go to college, and I could keep working my part-time jobs,” he said. “That made it so much easier to save money and go on for my bachelor’s degree.”

While a student at JCC, Rensel was president of the college’s Criminal Justice Club. He also performed an internship at the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office – an experience he described as his most memorable at JCC. 

“I was able to spend time in all aspects of the Sheriff's Office and was able to make important career networking connections and relationships that helped me start my career,” he said. “And I specifically remember Dick Weber, a criminal justice professor at the college. When it came to my goals, he was very encouraging. All of my professors were available to me for guidance or consultation.”

Rensel and his family – his wife of 25 years, Elizabeth, and their children, Ryan, Emily, and Valerie – moved to Falconer in 1991. In 2004, he was appointed a village trustee, filling a vacant position on the board. He later won election to that seat three times in a row and was named the village’s deputy mayor. He was elected as mayor in November 2015. 

“My path to mayor definitely evolved,” he said. “I never intended to get into politics. But as a member of the Falconer Fire Department, there was an issue that motivated me to give it a try. And now, 12 years later, here I am, working with a great team of people to improve the quality of life in the village.”

Rensel said the Chautauqua County Law Enforcement Academy, hosted at JCC, is a respected institution both in Chautauqua County and beyond. Graduates are employed in law enforcement agencies across the country. Locally, the Niagara County sheriff and the Erie County undersheriff are graduates of the program.

“I recommend JCC to all the young students I speak with,” he said. “To me, JCC is a special and valuable opportunity for anybody starting out in any field of study. Many of the people I attended JCC with went on to very successful careers.” 


Alumni Profile 

Jim Rensel
Sergeant & Investigator, Narcotics
Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office

Other Positions
Mayor, Village of Falconer
Certified Police Topics Instructor, JCC
Jamestown Community College, A.S., Criminal Justice (1983)
Buffalo State College, B.S., Criminal Justice (1985)

Former Member & President, Falconer Fire Department
Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Chautauqua County Chapter
JPD Certificate of Commendation (1992)
CCSO Certificate of Valor (1993)
Special Unit Citation as a SWAT Team Member (1993)
MADD Award of Excellence (1996)



“Relationships are vital. Many of the jobs or assignments I held through the years were not obtained by only my resume, but rather by relationships that became beneficial to my personal and career goals. The ability to sell yourself and talk about yourself does not come naturally to many people. It’s a skill worth learning.”

Four Alumni Honored

Four alumni of Jamestown Community College were named recipients of the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Award during the college’s commencement exercises on May 20 and 21, 2016 in Olean and Jamestown, respectively.

The ceremonies recognized Faith Donald, Ph.D.; Jessica Goodell, who delivered the commencement keynote address; Christopher Holland, Ed.D.; and Douglas Warn, M.S.W.; as well as December 2015 and May 2016 graduates from each campus.

Presented by the JCC Alumni Association, the award honors those who have typified the college’s tradition of excellence and brought credit to the college through personal accomplishment, professional achievement, or humanitarian service. Of approximately 21,000 alumni, only 93 have been named Distinguished Alumni. 

“It is our pleasure and privilege to honor these alumni,” said Kristen Johnson Lombardi, the director of alumni relations at JCC. “They began their academic careers at JCC and have gone on to achieve great things. They are wonderful role models and shining examples of the heights our students can reach.”

For additional information about the Distinguished Alumnus Award, including a full list of past recipients, click here.


Faith Donald, '75, Ph.D.

Faith Donald, '75, Ph.D., will receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award.A healthcare provider and advocate, Dr. Donald’s groundbreaking research was and continues to be instrumental in integrating the nurse practitioner role into the Canadian healthcare system, where it remains relatively new. Her work has resulted in greatly expanded access to healthcare across Canada. She is currently working with the Pan American Health Organization to implement the nurse practitioner role in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Dr. Donald is an associate professor in the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University in Toronto. She earned an associate’s degree in nursing from JCC in 1975 and went on to earn both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from D’Youville College in Buffalo. She earned her Ph.D. in nursing from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 2007.

Jessica Goodell, '07

Jessica Goodell, '07, will receive the Distinguished Alumnus AwardA veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Goodell is the author of “Shade It Black,” a memoir that chronicles her service as a member of the Marine Corps’ first officially declared Mortuary Affairs Unit at Camp Al-Taqaddum in Iraq. At the time of her service, Ms. Goodell was one of two women on the platoon and earned the rank of Lance Corporal.

In 2007, Goodell earned a degree in social science from JCC in just two semesters, graduating at the top of her class and earning the college’s top social sciences award. She went on to earn a degree in psychology from the State University of New York at Fredonia in 2010 and is now in the final year of a doctorate program in counseling psychology at the University at Buffalo. She hopes to work with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders and other combat-related mental illnesses.

Christopher Holland, '93, Ed.D.

Christopher Holland, '93, Ed.D., was named a recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Now the Vice President of Student Services at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Dr. Holland has dedicated his professional life to working with youth. He has volunteered as a “big brother” for Big Brother, Big Sister programs in Florida, Montana, Mississippi, and New York and has mentored youth in various capacities in 6 states, most recently as a tutor and counselor for Upward Bound programs. He has lectured widely on diversity, gender and sexuality, and the experiences of underrepresented student groups.

Dr. Holland earned a degree in liberal arts from JCC’s Cattaraugus County Campus. He went on to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from the State University of New York at Fredonia and later earned a master’s degree in higher education administration from the University at Albany. He holds a doctorate degree in higher education administration from the University of Alabama.

Douglas Warn, '79, M.S.W.

Douglas Warn, '79, M.S.W., will receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award.An author, speaker, and longtime clinician, Warn has spent his career serving those who are homeless, mentally ill, cognitively impaired, or suffering from addiction. Since 2002, he has worked with Project Renewal in New York City, a social service agency serving these groups, where he is now the Director of Clinical Training, Supervision, and Development there. He maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist and is an adjunct lecturer in the School of Social Work at Columbia University. His volunteer time is spent serving meals at the Church of the Holy Apostles, New York City’s largest soup kitchen. 

Warn earned a degree in psychology from JCC in 1979 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in the field from Allegany College in 1981. He earned a master’s degree in education from Syracuse University in 1986 and a second master’s degree in social work from New York University in 1995.


Alumni Nurses Honored

The 2016 Alumni Nurses of Distinction.

The JCC Alumni Association recently honored eight alumni of the college's nursing program with the 2016 Alumni Nurse of Distinction Award.

The award honors those who have typified the JCC tradition of excellence and brought credit to the college through professional achievement and by exemplifying the qualities of an ideal nurse. Recipients are nominated by their co-workers and may have graduated from either the Jamestown or Cattaraugus County campuses.

“For 53 years, the nursing program at JCC has consistently produced some of the best nursing professionals in Western New York,” said Becky Tyler, MS, BSN, RN, the Director of Nursing at JCC. “Some of our graduates go on to earn higher degrees. Our graduates work close to home in a variety of settings including hospitals, long-term care facilities, doctor’s offices, clinics, and home care agencies. No matter their path, our nursing graduates bring credit to this institution with their professionalism and devotion to excellence in patient care throughout Western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania.”

This year’s recipients of the Alumni Nurse of Distinction Award were: 

  • Charlotte Behen, B.S.N., R.N., a nurse at Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville, NY and a 2010 alumna of JCC’s Cattaraugus County Campus;
  • Melanie Luther-Shay, B.S.N., R.N., a nurse at Bradford Regional Medical Center and a 1980 graduate of JCC’s Jamestown Campus;
  • Deborah McMillen, M.S., R.N., an assistant professor of nursing at JCC’s Jamestown Campus and a 1995 alumna of the college;
  • Michele Orcutt, B.S.N., R.N., a 2003 graduate of JCC’s Cattaraugus County  Campus and a nurse in obstetrics at Olean General Hospital; 
  • April Pettit, R.N., a nurse at Olean General Hospital and a 2010 graduate of JCC’s Cattaraugus County Campus; 
  • Dawn Pickett, R.N., a nurse at WCA Hospital in Jamestown and a 2007 alumna of JCC’s Jamestown Campus; and
  • Jody Shely, B.S.N., R.N., a nurse at Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center in Jamestown and a 1997 graduate of JCC’s Jamestown Campus.

Receiving a surprise recognition as an Alumni Nurse of Distinction was Ms. Tyler, a member of the JCC nursing faculty since August 2011 and a 1980 alumna of the college’s Jamestown Campus. Ms. Tyler holds a master’s degree in nursing, a post-master’s certificate in nursing education, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from American Sentinel University.

Since its inception in 2002, the Alumni Nurse of Distinction Award has been presented to 149 outstanding nursing alumni. For a complete list of award recipients and more information, click here

PHOTO: From left in the back row are JCC president Dr. Cory Duckworth; Becky Tyler, '80, an honoree and the JCC director of nursing; honoree Jody Shely, '97; honoree Charlotte Behen, '10; honoree Michelle Orcutt, '03; and JCC vice president of academic affairs Dr. Marilyn Zagora. From left in the front row are honoree Melanie Luther-Shay, '77, '80; honoree April Pettit, '10; honoree Deb McMillen, '95; and honoree Dawn Pickett, '07.

Lifelong Learning at JCC

Have you ever wanted to cook the perfect holiday meal? Do you want to reboot your career with a certificate in phlebotomy? Is learning calligraphy on your bucket list? Are you mystified by your new tablet or laptop? 

Enter JCC’s Centers for Continuing Education, where classes on all of these topics – and many more – are available to people of all ages. 

“JCC has very deep commitments to lifelong learning and to the idea that education should be made available to everyone,” said Delana Rupp, ’91, the center’s assistant director. “The college’s Centers for Continuing Education is a natural extension of those beliefs.”

The center offers a variety of programming for children, beginning as young as age six, with its annual Wee College, Kids’ College, Innovation Academy, and Tweens 2 Teens College. Adult programming includes a long list of modestly-priced seminars geared toward professional development or personal enrichment.

A long list, indeed. 

JCC has long been recognized as a leader in workforce development, and the Centers for Continuing Education is on the front lines of the college’s offerings. Students can take their first steps toward a career as a medical coder or medical office assistant; learn how to become an indispensable administrative assistant; and learn the fundamentals of exceptional customer service. 

And that’s not all. Also offered are seminars in job-related skillsets such as root cause analysis, lean production, leadership and management training, interpersonal skill development, strategic planning, brand development, and a variety of programming for not-for-profit organizations. 

Many students on their own quests for lifelong learning opportunities come to JCC for personal enrichment, and the centers’ offerings don’t disappoint. Students can take courses in cooking, local history, tai chi, art, language, law, yoga, herbs, photography, drawing, jewelry making, knitting, and more.

All of the center’s programming is modestly priced, offered on a flexible schedule that includes evening and online courses during the fall, spring, and summer semesters and taught in state-of-the-art classrooms and labs. 

Start Your Journey Here

Training and Conference Center, Cattaraugus County Campus
260 N. Union St. • Olean, NY 14760
Phone: 716.376.7506 | Fax: 716.376.7031

Carnahan Training and Conference Center, Jamestown Campus
525 Falconer St. • Jamestown, NY 14702-0020
Phone: 716.338.1005 | Fax: 716.338.1456

Training and Conference Center, North County Center
10807 Bennett Rd. • Dunkirk, NY 14048
Phone: 716.363.6500 | Fax: 716.363.6590

For More Information

Web  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn




Alumni Authors

Kelly L. Haggmark, ‘88

Mrs. Haggmark released her first book, Just One Soldier, in 2015. The book is about her father-in-law, Dick Haggmark, and features 80 letters he wrote home to his family in 1954 while he was stationed in Japan. The book also contains photos, family memories, author commentary, and newspaper clippings.




Joan V. Cusimano Lindquist, ‘60

In 2015, Mrs. Lindquist released her third book, Remembering Brooklyn Square: The 1930s to the 1960s, a comprehensive look at the last three decades in the more than 100-year existence of Brooklyn Square in Jamestown, NY. Mrs. Lindquist is also the author and editor of two other books on Brooklyn Square. All of her books are available for purchase online at the Fenton History Center in Jamestown, NY and in-store at Off the Beaten Path in Lakewood, NY. 




Dr. Carol Sue Johnson, ‘66

Dr. Johnson published her first book, What Would Florence Do? A Guide for New Nurse Managers, in 2015. Published by the American Nurses Association, the book is designed to help nurses excel in their management roles. It’s available for purchase online here. Dr. Johnson is a recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus Award and was the keynote speaker at JCC’s 2015 commencement exercises.





Dr. Sandy Robison, ‘75

In 2015, Dr. Robison released The Hum of Cherry Trees, her third chapbook of poetry. Published by Finishing Line Press, the chapbook can be ordered online here. Also in 2015, Dr. Robison co-authored a new textbook, Writing and Understanding Poetry for Teachers and Students. The book was co-authored with poet and professor Suzanne Keyworth. Writing and Understanding Poetry is available in bookstores and on Amazon.





Bob Roth, ‘65

Mr. Roth published his fifth book in 2015. A Successful Senior Year Job Search Begins in the Freshman Year is designed to help more college students land great jobs in their areas of interest. It explains what students should be doing as they move through college, how it can be done, and why it is important to employers. Bob is also the author of The 4 Realities of Success, The College Student’s Guide to Landing a Great Job, College Success: Advice for Parents of High School and College Students, and The College Student’s Companion. His books are available on Amazon.

Class Notes


Kyle Croker, ‘10, joined Buffamante Whipple Buttafaro, P.C., as a staff accountant in the Olean office, where she is involved in preparing financial statements related to compilations, reviews, and audits. She earned a degree in accounting from JCC.  

Kate Ewer, ‘15, was named the new 4-H Community Educator by the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Chautauqua County. In her new role, Kate is responsible for all 4-H programming in Chautauqua County. 

Jillianne Higgs,’15, has joined Niagara Therapy LLC as its newest therapist. Jillianne, who earned a degree from JCC in occupational therapy, completed her training in the neuro stretch protocol and orthopedic management of the contracted joint and will specialize in neurological impairments.

Emilyann Pleszewski, ‘13, was selected as the 2015 National Association of Social Workers New York State Western Division Bachelor’s in Social Work Student of the Year. The award is given to those who have demonstrated academic excellence and personify the values of social work. Emilyann earned an associate’s degree in human services at JCC. She graduated with high honors and received the Trustee’s Award for the highest grade point average in an Associate of Science program.

Sierra Rose, ‘14, was named a recipient of the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. She was one of 256 students honored with the award, which recognizes students for their integration of academic excellence with other aspects of their lives. Sierra graduated with high honors in December 2014 from the Cattaraugus County Campus with an associate's degree in criminal justice and distinguished herself by earning membership to Phi Theta Kappa. 



Troy Bouckhuyt, ‘04, was featured in a series on local students who have received support from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. Bouckhuyt earned a degree in criminal justice from JCC and is now a deputy sheriff with the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office. In 2008, he attended the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School in Alabama and received his bomb technician certification, becoming one of approximately 2,900 bomb technicians in America. 

Bryan Hodgson, ‘07, was named an assistant coach of the University at Buffalo men's basketball team. He earned a degree in social sciences at JCC. Hodgson has coached at JCC and Fredonia and, during his tenure, formed the I-90 Elite, an AAU team featuring kids from Western New York and Erie, Pa. 

Edwin Rodriguez Jr., ‘06, joined the staff of Jamestown Renaissance Corporation as its events and marketing associate. He earned a degree in communications at JCC and was a USA Scholar who distinguished himself by earning Phi Theta Kappa membership. 

Jeanette Seawright, ‘04, marked her 25th year working for Vector Marketing Corp. She earned a degree in business administration at JCC and distinguished herself by earning membership to Phi Theta Kappa.



Anthony Barone, ‘99, was named business manager and field manager of the new Jamestown Jammers. He earned a degree in social studies at JCC. During his time at JCC, he was a shortstop for the Jayhawks. He was named an all-conference player and voted one of JCC's Top 50 Athletes. He returned as head coach for the Jayhawk baseball team between 2007 and 2012 and led the Jayhawks to 207 victories and a 101-62 regional record. 

Christopher Costello, ‘99, joined Foit-Albert Associates in Buffalo as a land surveyor. He earned an associate’s degree in engineering science at JCC. 

Peter Morgante, CPA, ‘97, was named the controller at Hope's Windows. He previously worked at Buffamante, Whipple, and Buttafaro P.C. in Jamestown, at Schaffner, Knight, Minnaugh & Company, and at TitanX Engine Cooling Inc.

Keith Nelson, ‘90, was named the area director covering the state of Arizona for Premier Pharmacy, a company that specializes in hepatitis C pharmaceuticals. Nelson earned an associate's degree in business at JCC.

Maryann Wilcox, RN, ‘94, joined JCC as its campus nurse and assistant director for the Jamestown Campus Health Center. She has been part of the nursing faculty at JCC for several years, serving as a clinical instructor, and has been a nurse manager for several departments at WCA Hospital in Jamestown. She earned a degree in nursing at JCC. 



Scott Kindberg, ‘81, was named the new sports editor at The (Jamestown) Post-Journal, where he has worked since March 1983, serving as the assistant sports editor for nearly 30 years. During his tenure, he covered the Buffalo Bills during their runs to four straight Super Bowls; chronicled numerous team and individual New York State Public High School Athletic Association championships; authored 11 books; and has won 11 New York State Associated Press Association writing awards since 1993. 

Rebekah Malone, RN, BSN, ‘84, was honored by Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare and the International Nurses Association for her exceptional success in the nursing community. She is the certified diabetes educator for Olean General Hospital in Olean, NY and in 1988 was named a Nurse of Distinction there. She earned her degree in nursing at JCC. 

Kristin Melville, ‘87 and a previous member of the board of directors for the JCC Alumni Association Jamestown Campus, joined Hospice of Southern Maine as its development and outreach director.

Jeffrey Smith, ‘86, joined St. Susan Center in Jamestown as its new executive director. He has an extensive background in food service and hotel management and marketing and sales through several restaurants, the Marriott Corporation, and other private sector companies. He earned a degree in business administration at JCC.

John Stahley, ‘86, was appointed to the JCC Board of Trustees by the Cattaraugus County Legislature. His term will expire in 2021. Stahley is the general manager of Dresser-Rand’s Olean operations and has worked for the company since 1990. He earned an associate’s degree in engineering science at JCC.

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Alumni Relations Office

Jamestown Campus
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