Students enrolled in the professional piloting degree program should plan on the following annual estimated expenses for their classroom and flight instruction:

Tuition, Fees, and Textbooks

Full-time enrollment information (12 or more credit hours/semester)

Students may enroll on a part-time basis and should consult the college master schedule for current tuition and fees.

Students who are working through the articulation agreements with Genesee, Monroe, Erie, or other community colleges will enroll at those institutions to complete General Education Core Requirement courses. Students will enroll for aviation core courses at JCC. Students pay tuition and fees separately to each institution. JCC will process a consortium agreement (as currently allowed by state and federal financial aid programs) so that all hours taken at both institutions that count toward the degree will be included by JCC in determining the part- or full-time status of the student.

Aviation Fees

JCC currently estimates the total cost of flight training to satisfy degree requirements to be approximately $45,000* ($13,000 in each of the first two semesters and $10,000 and $9,000 in the third and fourth semesters respectively). Students can invoice all ground school and flight training, headset, ground school instructional supplies, FAA written test fees, and check ride fees incurred at the airport to the college.

While this total should cover all required training for most students, there is no implied guarantee that this amount will cover all expenses for every student. Many factors impact the money that a student uses during flight training and once the funds are expended, the student is responsible for all further costs directly to the airport.

*The aviation fees are based on a fair estimate of flight hours and related training costs required by PART 141 Federal Aviation Regulations for students to earn each of the respective ratings. Actual costs for instructors and aircraft rentals vary among the different flight schools. Students should consider the total program costs as well as the costs at specific flight schools to determine an overall financial plan that will allow successful completion of the program.

*In all cases, when students pay the aviation fee as part of the JCC tuition bill, the college holds this total in an account. Flight schools bill JCC monthly or bimonthly. Costs incurred by a student are deducted from student’s balance and paid directly to the flight school. Detailed records are kept by the college and the flight school. Students are encouraged to keep detailed records as well.

*These amounts in no way guarantee that costs will be covered throughout a student’s training. In all cases, students who deplete their accounts at any time and require additional flight time to earn a rating will be responsible for additional hourly costs payable directly to the flight school.

*The aviation fees include a non-refundable administrative fee of approximately $125-150 per semester.

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