Music - Summer 2018

Music Appreciation — 3036
MUS 1510 – 3 credits
Neil Flory

Guides the student's search for musical enjoyment and understanding. A survey of classical and popular music is presented through listening and written examples. Students will gain knowledge of music literature and the art of music and its relationship to society. No prior musical experience or skills required. Eligibility: ENG 0430; must meet minimum college level reading score: Accuplacer 80+. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus

Hultquist Library 148
May 22 – Jul 2 Tue, Thu 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Music Program Asst. Internship — 3400
MUS 2020 – 3 credits
Neil Flory

Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus

Arts & Sciences Center
Jun 18 – Aug 17 TBD
Music & Global Understanding — 3366
MUS 7004 – 1 credit
Neil Flory

Students will explore and experience the ways in which music and the arts can create global cultural understanding and ultimately transform the world. Concepts that the course will examine include the role of music in human identity, as a preserver of culture and a vehicle toward understanding one?s own cultural identity, and as a bridge to create human connections across diverse cultures and geographic distances, with a view toward a more peaceful and harmonious future world. Lectures and performances by the Silk Road Ensemble and other guests of Chautauqua Institution will be a central component of the course. The Silk Road Ensemble will open the week?s lecture platform and will continue their residency with master classes and performances. The week will culminate with a morning presentation and evening performance by renowned cellist and Silk Road Ensemble founder/artistic director Yo-Yo Ma. No requisites. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus

Off-Campus CHAU
Aug 6 – Aug 10 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 9:30 am – 12:30 pm