Meteorology - Spring 2017

Weather Forecasting:An Eye/Sky — 3904
MET 7001 – 3 credits
Thomas A. DiVecchio

Students will acquire a solid foundation and understanding of the basics of weather forecasting. Beginning with the basics, course topics will include various instruments that measure weather data, weather map interpretation, and remote sensing (satellite and radar). Explanations of weather processes, like clouds and precipitation, forces and wind, air masses and fronts will provide students with an understanding of the processes employed in forecasting. Students will use what they learn to forecast for different areas of cities in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on the "how" of their forecast rather than on accuracy. Special topics include forecasting severe weather and winter storms. Eligibility: ENG 1510; Prerequisite: MAT 0600 or higher. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown - Online

SUNY Learning Network - Jamestown
Jan 17 – May 18 TBD