English Language Instruction - Spring 2018

ELI - Composition II — 3483
ELI 0550 – 3 credits

Students will continue to develop academic writing skills, focusing on the specifics of English grammar and syntax. Students will continue developing essay writing skills, such as developing and supporting a thesis, transitional statements, and introductions and conclusions. Academic vocabulary continues to develop. Prewriting skills including brainstorming and developing supporting details continue to be explored as well as revision of produced work. Prerequisite: ELI 0500. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus

ELI - Reading II — 3484
ELI 0650 – 3 credits

Students will continue to develop reading strategies to include scanning, skimming, and clustering techniques. Identifying topics, main ideas, supporting details, and making basic inferences are introduced and expanded upon. Coursework will include building passive and active vocabulary from context, introduction of word families, distinguishing fact and opinion, understanding vocabulary from context clues, decoding skills, and recognizing transitions. This course is intended for students with a greater level of proficiency in a language other than English. Prerequisite: TOEFL, Accuplacer, and/or interview. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus

ELI - Speak & Listen II — 3485
ELI 0750 – 3 credits

Students will continue vocabulary building, pronunciation, and intonation continue to be improved upon. Based on student level, the course continues the development of accuracy and fluency in listening and speaking skills including correct word order in spoken English, and further develops life skills vocabulary. Students also will gain assistance in building aural and oral communication skills and focusing on note taking and dictation. There is a requirement of two hours of conversational time each week outside of class time which will be arranged individually. This course also targets academic vocabulary and an introduction to simple gerunds and infinities. Prerequisite: ELI 0700. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus