CE Non-Credit Remedial - Fall 2018

Pre-Collegiate Mathematics II — 4029
CENR 8200 – 2 credits

Students will learn the skills necessary to take collegiate level math courses. This course is designed for students who have been away from math for a period of time or have had difficulties with algebra and other math concepts. This course assumes that there is no previous knowledge of algebra, but students should have an understanding of number systems, basic arithmetic operations and their properties. This course will cover manipulating polynomials, rational expressions, and radicals. Master Course Syllabus

Cattaraugus County Campus

Oct 22 – Dec 13 Mon, Wed 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Pre-Collegiate Reading II — 4030
CENR 8300 – 2 credits

Students will further develop their reading skills to be better prepared for proficiency in credit-bearing courses and beyond. Students will increase reading skills with in-depth understanding of the main idea(s), inference, recalling facts, vocabulary in context, summarizing and paraphrasing, critical thinking, and authors approach to content. Master Course Syllabus

Cattaraugus County Campus

Oct 23 – Dec 13 Tue, Thu 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm