Aviation - Summer 2017

Commercial Pilot Flight I — 3394
AVN 1350 – 1.5 credits
Richard J. Rupprecht

Students will receive commercial flight training in accordance with Part 141, appendix D, of the Federal Aviation Regulations. FAA and college-approved instructors associated with local FAA-approved Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) conduct dual instruction and supervise solo flight. The course consists of a minimum of 49 hours of flight instruction along with briefing and other matters related to commercial piloting. The student will bear all expenses beyond the above flight and instructional time. This course is the first half of a training package (along with AVN 215) that prepares students for the FAA Commercial Pilot Practical Test ASEL (Airplane Single Engine Land). Prerequisite: AVN 1140 and 1150, or Private Pilot Certificate; Corequisite: AVN 1340; Eligibility: ENG 1510; other: current FAA Third Class Medical Certificate. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus

Arts & Sciences Center
Jun 15 – Sep 7 TBD