Art - Spring 2018

Painting I — 3370
ART 2510 – 3 credits

Students will create paintings in a variety of media and concepts as well as gain understanding of the potential of a visual creator. Students work in watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and oil on paper supports and are required to produce a portfolio of paintings with evaluation based on technical growth and exploration of visual ideas. No prerequisites. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center

Studio Problems-Painting — 3373
ART 2612 – 3 credits

Students will build upon previous studio course experiences in advanced studio production courses under art faculty supervision. Students who have completed the basic and intermediate (as applicable) courses in drawing, ceramics, photography, electronic arts, design or painting, may register for one, two, or three hours of credit per semester in a studio course in that medium. Students are expected to spend two hours in studio work each week for each credit hour anticipated. Studio problem courses are student initiated with each student, together with the faculty member, creating an acceptable course outline and evaluation process for the work of the semester. In some cases, a group studio problem experience may be initiated by visual arts faculty. Students achieving 12 credit hours in art studio problems must obtain permission from the arts and humanities dean to take additional coursework (for credit) in art. Prerequisite: permission of instructor required. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center