Anthropology - Fall 2018

HONORS SYM:Global Food Systems — 3901
ANT 7514 – 3 credits
Shannon E. Bessette

Students will understand how food is one of our most basic needs, but few of us think about how food is produced, where in the world it comes from, or how it must travel to get to us. This course will help students understand social, political and economic processes such as colonization, industrialization, and corporatization, and how they laid the foundation for the current global food system. Students will also engage with ongoing, contemporary concerns such as the relationship between agriculture and the environment, food waste, labor practices, food aid, and how race, class, gender, and nationality impact our experience of food systems. Throughout the course, we?ll look at how people resist and reshape food systems, and how we can find alternatives that do more to protect people and the environment. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown Campus

Hultquist Library
Aug 27 – Dec 20 TBD