Warren Job Related Programs

Talent Grab Series

October 21-23, T/TH, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
WCCBI, #5557, $299

Workforce Planning: If organizations look at supply and demand when purchasing raw materials, fuel, utilities, and other vital goods necessary to run our organizations, why would they not give the same energy to planning and managing the supply and demand of our most valuable assets - our people? Workforce planning allows organizations to "see around corners" and avoid business interruptions often caused by a lack of a skills pipeline.

Workforce Acquisition and Onboarding: Has employee onboarding in your organization been reduced to an administrative series of events followed by a handoff to the new employee's supervisor? If so, you could be missing a valuable opportunity to ensure engagement for the long term. Understanding how employee acquisition and onboarding play a vital role in employee retention can save organizations a fortune in time, money, and effort.

Employee Engagement: Many leaders don't recognize the difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement - or how to identify either. Once this distinction is made and leaders have the right tools to identify the engagement levels within their workforce, the door opens to many more possibilities for increased productivity, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

Recruitment and Retention of Veteran Employees

November 11, T, 9-10:30 a.m.
Curwen Building, #5561, $19

Attention employers and HR professionals - your company wants to support employing veterans, but are you fully aware of some of the resources, best 
practices, and programs available to help you hire and retain this workforce? Your instructor will share his extensive experience working with employer hiring and retention strategies and programs specifically with veterans in mind.

Creating Compelling Testimonies

November 12, W, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Curwen Building, #5558, $29

Client testimonials are a powerful tool to showcase your clients, generate new sales and additional sales from current clients, and provide an opportunity to get to know current clients even more. This session will explore how to highlight your clients with the testimonials, integrate client testimonials as part of your sales and marketing, strategies to ask clients for testimonials, types of testimonials (written, audio, and video), and the implementation of a client testimonial program.