Job Related Programs

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Enhance Your Career

Enhance your career with our job related programs. Be able to demonstrate your proficiency in safety protocols, OSHA requirements, barrier precautions, and more.

Safety and License Prep

Barrier Precautions

#6378: Mar. 25 (W), 1-4 p.m., CARN 123, $30
#6379: May 6 (W), 1-4 p.m., CARN 123, $30

New York State law requires that persons licensed in identified health professions who practice in NYS must complete approved course work or training regarding infection control every four years to meet their licensing requirements.

Hazard Assessment Training Program

#6348: Mar. 2 (M), 8 a.m.-5 p.m., CARN 120, $225
#6349: Apr. 20 (M), 8 a.m.-5 p.m., CARN Multi-B, $225

This eight-hour program provides employers and employees the ability to identify and recognize existing and potential hazards in the workplace. A variety of topics covered include: safety management, safety assessments, accident investigation, and employee safety training.

OSHA Update Seminar

#6351: Mar. 13 (F), 9 a.m.-noon, CARN Theatre, $5

OSHA regulatory requirements impact every business, large and small. JCC hosts Gordon DeLeys, OSHA compliance assistance specialist, U.S. Department of Labor, to provide an overview of important information to address OSHA and safety requirements. This OSHA update seminar assists area businesses to stay up-to-date on current trends and changes to OSHA regulations. Attendees can expect to learn about new and emerging OSHA regulations, elements of an effective safety and health management system, OSHA record keeping, recent cases, and tips to effectively navigate and utilize the OSHA website.

Safety Program Development

#6350: Mar. 18 (W), 8 a.m.-5 p.m., CARN 120, $225

This program assists companies in establishing a safety program, safety process to comply with OSHA safety inspection processes. Items addressed include: commitment, involvement, responsibilities, authority, hazard assessment, accident prevention, and training issues. Participants actively partake in the development of their facility’s safety program. The safety instructor serves as a mentor to the evolving written safety program.

Notary Public

#6334: Mar. 16 (M), 9 a.m.-noon, CARN 123, $80

This seminar prepares individuals for the NYS test and provides a comprehensive view of the notary public office. Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures are clarified in plain English. Examples are provided to illuminate situations that the officer is likely to encounter such as avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining professional ethics and much more. Tuition includes text.

Pre-Collegiate Prep

Pre-Collegiate Math II

#6329: Apr. 6-May 20 (M/W/F), 9-10:30 a.m., CARN 123, $59

The mathematical skills that you developed in Level I has prepared you for this next level. You will learn how to solve higher-level math problems than you ever thought possible. Students who successfully complete this class will have developed skills to test higher in the JCC placement test.

Pre-Collegiate Reading and Writing II

#6331: Apr. 7-May 21 (T/R), 9:30-11 a.m., CARN 123, $59

This course will be a continuation of reading and writing topics taught in Level I. Additional skills of reinforcement will include inferences, critical reading skills, and textbook reading strategies. Students will take a pre-test and post-test for this course.