Human Development

  • HUM 1300 On Course for Success

    Students will learn a number of proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success, and discover how to create a rich, fulfilling life by examining their beliefs and developing new skills and behaviors. Students will focus on empowering themselves to make wise choices in their academic and personal life which will lead to improved experiences and outcomes. No prerequisites. J fall, spring; C fall, spring. Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 1310 Exploring Occupations

    Students will learn how to locate and explore occupational resources. They will be able to identify characteristics of occupations including the nature of the work, job responsibilities, employment outlook, salary and benefits, and education, training, and/or experience needed. Students will conduct informational interviews to share with the class. Eligibility: ENG 1510 without supports or Corequisite: ENG 1510 with supports. J fall, spring; C fall, spring. Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 1510 Achievement And Self

    Students will develop a greater self-understanding and self-awareness with emphasis on personal strengths, interpersonal skill, and achievement style. Students will identify their objectives for growth and change and learn specific goal setting and goal acquisition techniques. Lectures and experiential activities will be included. No requisites. J fall, spring; C fall, spring. Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 1550 Life/Career Planning

    Students will increase their understanding of their abilities, strengths, values, needs, interests, and personality as related to planning life and career goals. They will be able to locate and use various sources of occupational, career planning, and educational planning information. Students will identify career goals and objectives as well as action steps to be achieved in reaching their objectives and goals. They will become aware of the importance of a self-empowered attitude in achieving life and career goals. No requisites. J fall, spring; C fall. Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 2010 Human Development Internship

    Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 2020 Human Development Internship

    Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 7007 Contemplative Practices

    Students will learn about and discuss mindfulness theory, technique, and empirical evidence associated with mindfulness. By participating in contemplative practices that promote relaxation, self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of their connection to others and their place in the world, students will gain insights and techniques that will enhance and encourage personal and professional growth. Activities may include yoga, relaxation strategies, meditation, breath work, dance, art, music, writing, and other contemplative practices. No prerequisites. Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 7008 Leadership Engagement

    Students will focus on the understanding of leadership theory and elements of self-awareness, understanding personal leadership style, and followership as it applies to the leader/follower relationship. The goal of this course is to focus on students' leadership style and to prepare them for further leadership study and application. Particular focus will be given to help the students liberate the leader within themselves. The course uses the textbook and resources of "The Student Leadership Challenge" by Kouzes and Posner. No requisites. J fall; C fall. Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 7009 Making Positive Choices

    Students will learn how to identify their strengths and abilities using a variety of personality and values assessments. Students will learn how their values and expectations impact their motivation for success for academic and life goals. No requisites. Master Course Syllabus

  • HUM 7514 Immigrants-Past and Present

    Students will examine the complex issue of immigration from historical, humanistic, and sociological perspectives. Students will gain an understanding of the international community's effort to address global migration and will analyze the state of immigration in the US in order to gain an understanding of the people who are in the immigration process. Master Course Syllabus