Global Studies

  • GLS 1500 Introduction to Global Studies

    Students will learn about major challenges facing our world today and in doing so will develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of people, places, institutions, and circumstances around the world. Students will bring together different insights regarding population trends, resource management, climate change, technological advancements, global conflict, and the role of governance and economics in supporting equitable societies, while emphasizing the role of the individual and her/his relationship to the larger global community. Eligibility: ENG 1510 without supports or Corequisite: ENG 1510 with supports. J fall, C fall. Master Course Syllabus

  • GLS 2010 Global Studies Internship I

    Master Course Syllabus

  • GLS 2500 Global Studies Capstone

    Students will design and implement a single original global studies project of choice, [subject to instructor approval] that seeks to reinforce comprehension of course lectures and program content through academic research and a public demonstration of the work. In doing so, students will consider the ways in which their chosen program electives fit into the field of global studies and a globalized world. Prerequisites: ENG 1530, GLS 1500, and student must be within one semester of graduation in the AA Global Studies degree program or have permission of the instructor. Master Course Syllabus

  • GLS 7501 World through Africa

    Students will learn about peoples of African, European, and Indigenous descent and their role in the creation of the transatlantic world. Students will be introduced to the broad themes related to the experiences, expressions, and representations of evolving identities. These themes will include race and ethnicity, class, and gender, and will be explored through a review of language and literature, visual arts, music, history, and current events. Students will develop frameworks necessary for navigating current and future global realities. Prerequisite: Eligibility ENG 1510. Master Course Syllabus

  • GLS 7502 Developing Global Citizenship

    Students will develop a broader perspective on global challenges by grappling with issues related to identity, culture, and human rights. Students will learn the principles and ethics associated with intercultural communication in order to appropriately and effectively engage with people from diverse backgrounds. The course requires that students spend 16 hours outside of class in engaging in facilitated dialogue with people drawn from over 30 universities around the world via a web-based platform. No requisites. Master Course Syllabus

  • GLS 7503 Global Citizenship

    Students will understand the concept of global citizenship and the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that are essential to taking an active role as a global citizen. Students will recognize the interconnectedness and impact of their local life experience to the global community. This course will prepare students to participate in intercultural teams and work or study abroad. Eligibility: ENG 1510. Master Course Syllabus

  • GLS 7505 Alt Spring Break-Food Systems

    Students will explore local, regional, and global food systems, and understand system strengths and weaknesses in delivering food to people. Additionally, students will understand the impact of food systems on the environment. Eligibility: ENG 0430. Master Course Syllabus