• ENT 1440 Small Business Management

    Students will have an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed by the business owner in the areas of marketing, management, and communications. Students will learn to identify potential customers, define target markets, and plan appropriate promotional strategies. In the area of business management, students will learn about employee behavior, motivation, leadership, building effective teams, interpersonal relationships, and employment laws and regulations. Other issues to be discussed will include personal image, professionalism, and customer service as well as effective networking, information and communication technology, and effective business writing. Students will be required to complete a segment of the business plan as it relates to this course. Eligibility: ENG 1510. Online, spring. Master Course Syllabus

  • ENT 1450 Entrepreneurship Finance

    Students will examine basic accounting practices and tax issues with emphasis on applications for business ownership. Topics include the purpose, design, and use of various financial documents; costs and inventory control; the creation and use of financial statements; tax liability and consequences; forms of revenue, costs, depreciation, and investments; daily operations and tax planning. Emphasis will be given to planning and managing assets, budgeting and control, debt versus equity financing, managing short and long term funds, capital budgeting techniques, and cost of capital to the firm. Students will be required to complete a segment of the business plan as it relates to this course. Eligibility: ENG 1510. Online fall. Master Course Syllabus

  • ENT 1460 Family Owned Businesses

    This course is designed for students who will be entering a family-owned business, or expect to someday establish a business which they can leave to their children. Some of the topics covered include succession planning, handling conflict, dealing with non-family members, reinvention of the business, management styles, strategy, leadership, and the evolution of the enterprise from the first generation entrepreneurial stage into the family business to the second, third, and succeeding generations. Eligibility: ENG 1510. Master Course Syllabus

  • ENT 1470 Retail Mgm/Franchise Ownershi

    This course covers major retailing topics, including consumer behavior, information systems, store location, operations, service retailing, the retail audit, retail institutions, franchising, human resource management, computerizations, and retailing in a changing environment. Its decision-making orientation provides a real-world approach focusing on small retailers. Eligibility: ENG 1510. Master Course Syllabus

  • ENT 1480 Entrepreneurship Internship

    Students will receive on-the-job experience consisting of 135 hours of supervised activity in a local business. Students work in conjunction with a faculty member and a supervisor at the job site. All guidelines in the original internship policy will be followed. Eligibility: ENG 1510. Master Course Syllabus