• ECO 1530 Contemporary Economic Problems

    Students will analyze current economic problems while critically evaluating solutions to these problems. Students integrate basic economic concepts and terminology to problems surrounding such issues as the environment, distribution of resources, health care, crime, market power, poverty, discrimination, government price controls, and international trade. This course is not a substitute for ECO 2610-2620. Prerequisite/Corequisite: ENG 1510. Master Course Syllabus

  • ECO 2515 HONORS Project II - ECO

    Honors students are required to successfully complete two one-credit, project-based honors courses which are related to courses in which they are currently enrolled or have recently completed. Each project must include some form of applied learning: field-work, internship, service learning, innovative/creative project, and/or undergraduate research. Master Course Syllabus

  • ECO 2610 Macroeconomic Principles

    Students will be introduced to how the US economy functions as part of an open economy, as it relates to international trade and finance. Students will learn to recognize the role of supply and demand, different economic systems, the private and public sectors, and evaluate unemployment, inflation, and Gross Domestic Product as indicators of economic activity. Students will evaluate matters of fiscal policy, monetary policy, and conflicting economic opinions. Prerequisites: ENG 1530; Eligibility: MAT 1590. Master Course Syllabus

  • ECO 2620 Microeconomic Principles

    Students will examine principles of supply and demand with an applied analysis of consumer demand, sensitivity to price changes (elasticity), and utility. Using cost and revenue information, students will demonstrate the theoretical market of perfect competition and monopolies along with realistic alternative markets like monopolistic competition and oligopolies. Students will recognize the role of comparative advantage and specialization in international trade. Prerequisites: ENG 1530; Eligibility: MAT 1590. Master Course Syllabus