• CHI 1510 Introductory Mandarin I

    Students will learn to interact effectively and appropriately in Mandarin at the novice-low to novice-mid level with people from other language and culture backgrounds. Students will communicate and reflect upon personal and public identity, family and community, and contemporary life in the U.S. and the Mandarin-speaking community. Eligibility: ENG 1510 without supports or Corequisite: ENG 1510 with supports. J occasionally. Master Course Syllabus

  • CHI 7502 Introductory Mandarin II

    Students will learn Mandarin language vocabulary and structure to include the past-test verb forms by completing a series of activities designed for realistic communication, both written and spoken. Through reading, dialogue, writing and associated study, students develop an understanding of the language and cultural distinctions of Mandarin speakers worldwide. Prerequisite: MAN 1510. Master Course Syllabus

  • CHI 7503 Mandarin for Business

    Students will communicate at the introductory level in a simulated business setting using business-related vocabulary and basic language structure. Students will develop an understanding of the Chinese business culture and social norms. No Prerequisites. Master Course Syllabus

  • CHI 7504 Chinese Culture & Language

    Students will learn to interact appropriately in a Chinese setting. Students will learn about the culture and lifestyle of modern Chinese peoples. They will reflect upon the history and philosophies that guide their lives and will consider their perspectives on a variety of social and cultural issues. Eligibility: ENG 1510. Master Course Syllabus