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Personal Enrichment

All About "U" Series

Five Tibetan Methods That Free the Soul
Take this unique, hands-on class where participants will learn about energy circles and corresponding movements that free each one of the senses as well as our emotions. Participants will discover that each of the five energy circles are connected to a specific organ and when you practice each of the five movements you unlock or channel the positive energy of that organ. Individuals taking this course will: increase their knowledge and understanding of self-healing, have a better awareness of themselves and the world around them, and strengthen one’s ability to be true to one’s self. Please wear loose fitting clothing.
Meditation and Mindfulness
What comes to mind when you hear the word “meditation”? Explore the misconceptions surrounding meditation, what is needed to experience a successful meditation, and how a combination of your own meditation and mindful living practices can connect you to your true self. Whether you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, or increase overall sense of well-being, this class is for you.
Dragonfly Pendant or Necklace
Take this introductory jewelry making class where participants will learn simple bead stringing with various types and sizes of beads to create a beautiful dragonfly pendant or necklace which includes an adjustable chord. Have fun as you use Swarovski crystals, spacer beads, Miyuki and Czechoslovakian dagger beads, seed beads, and findings to make your personalized creation. Participants are asked to bring the following to class: scissors, notepad, and something to write with. All other supplies will be provided.
Ladies DIY: Electrical Wiring
Ladies DIY: Electrical Wiring It’s another very special DIY class just for the ladies! This introductory class is tailored to those who wish to gain an understanding of the electrical wiring in their home. Is there an outlet or light switch that needs to be replaced? Should you fix it yourself or call an electrician? Discover the answers to these questions and more. Participants learn how to rewire an old lamp, learn the steps to follow for installing a ceiling fan, and learn about the tools needed with hands-on instruction and participation. Participants can bring the following to class: a lamp or light fixture with damaged cord or wiring that may either be repaired in class or at home, once participants learn how to make repairs.
Personality & The Spiritual Aura
Take this hands-on class where you’ll gain an understanding of our individual personalities and how the five senses and three organs influence them. Learn what you can do to enhance your personality and how this can positively impact one’s aura as well as understand what auras are and their meanings. Participants will be instructed on how to see auras as well as what the colors of an aura represent. Additionally, practice some of the skills learned in order to begin to see colors in people as well as in plants.
Keepsake Kaleidoscope Bracelet
Take this introductory to intermediate jewelry making class where participants will learn weaving techniques utilizing SuperDuo (2-hole) Tila beads to create a keepsake kaleidoscope bracelet. You’ll love the versatility of this bracelet as it can be worn for a dressy evening or a casual, fun evening! The bracelet makes a great gift for you, or with Easter and Mother’s Day upon us, makes a one-of-a-kind keepsake for that special friend or family member. Participants are asked to bring the following to class: bead wire cutters (if you have them), notepad, and something to write with. All other supplies will be provided.
Me and My Personality
Take this class and find out a little bit more about yourself. Learn the difference between your external personality and your internal one. Discover how to determine your internal personality type from your focus, which of the five senses you run on, and the five body types associated with those senses that make us who we are. Some of the benefits of taking this class include better understanding of yourself and better communication.
Your Inner Guide
There is a power in each of us which gives us strength, comfort, and peace. We use this power to some degree in our daily lives, yet few realize its full potential. In this class, learn how to use your intuition to receive guidance, wisdom, and daily upliftment; focus on your goals; understand events from a spiritual perspective; and increase awareness of your personal inner journey of enlightenment. In-class exercises will include a guided meditation and examples of how to develop your conscious spiritual connection. This course compliments the Intuitive Body Mapping class; both can be taken together or as stand-alone topics.
Ladies DIY: Tile Installation
This is a class for developing a beginner's understanding of installing wall and floor tile, including: ceramic, glass, or porcelain. Participants taking this class will learn how to determine the amount of tile needed for your project, how to lay out the area before starting, as well as what to do to prepare for your project. Students will have hands-on instruction with tools of the trade in cutting, laying, and grouting tile. What a great addition to the Ladies Night DIY series! Participants are asked to bring the following to class: notebook and something to write with along with project questions and ideas.
Attracting Butterflies & Enhancing Your Backyard
Attracting butterflies to your yard may seem difficult, but it’s not! Learn about the different varieties of butterflies, their habitat, and the types of plants that attract them such as: sage, saliva, and milkweed, as well as what you can do to help butterflies thrive in your backyard. Additionally, make an attractive butterfly sipper that you will take home to enhance your garden. Be a part of this wonderful class and help shape your gardening experience.
Intuitive Body Mapping
This class is an opportunity to strengthen awareness of your energetic body, explore deep insights into your personal health and wellness, and promote self-care. Through a series of in-class exercises and meditation, participants will gain a greater understanding of their mind-body-spirit connection and how to perceive their inner energy and the energy of others. This course compliments the Your Inner Guide class; both can be taken together or as stand-alone topics.
All About Herbs
This fun, informative, introductory class gives participants knowledge on the many uses of herbs as well as talks about using environmentally friendly organic herbicides to treat your garden. Participants will learn how to grow and use fresh herbs as well as make an herb vinegar. Additionally, take home some herbs to plant such as rosemary, basil, tarragon, parsley, oregano, chives, or cilantro to jump start your garden. Participants are asked to bring the following to class: clean, small glass jar with lid.
More Swedish Just for Fun
Have you always wanted to study Swedish culture and customs, and how to speak Swedish? Take this class where you'll combine exploring Swedish culture with learning the basics of this language giving you the recipe for a great class! This is an intro Swedish language course that will incorporate many aspects of Sweden such as its history, culture, customs, and contemporary society.

Art, Adventure, Social and History

Adult Sailing
Any individual age 18 or older, regardless of skill, is welcome to learn how to sail in a positive environment consisting of social interaction and fun. Upon completion of the course, participants will possess a foundational understanding, confidence and skills to sail. The class entails a total of 34 hours of instruction, which includes a combination of classroom and on-the-water instruction. Also included are a U.S. Sailing textbook, availability of appropriate sailing gear and use of CLCSF’s sailboats, which are 420s. *Apr. 18-May 9 class dates are only Tuesday May 16-June 22 class dates are Tuesday & Thursday
Exploring Wines of the World
In a brief three night series, we will tackle wines from the Nation's top notch growing regions! Visit the vast estates of the Columbia Valley, the delicious vineyards of Willamette Valley, the plush hillsides of Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Paso Robles, Central Coast, and the rolling hills of the finger lakes in New York, all without leaving downtown Olean!! There's only one way to accomplish all of this....let's pop some corks!!
Genealogy: Shaking the Family Tree
Have you wondered about your family history? Learn how to research your genealogy in this two-day hands on workshop! Learn where to begin, explore the Internet resources that are available, learn about forms and how to use them, and how to organize your data.
Social Media for Fun
Do you know a little about the Social Media platforms, but want to know more? Join us for a fun three hour overview of what platforms would be best for you. Take this opportunity to ask questions about how YOU want to use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others!
DIY: Electrical Basics
Gain hands-on experience as well as a practical understanding of basic electrical trouble-shooting. Learn how to select the right tools and materials for the job, how and when to hire help or when to replace an appliance, how to make minor electrical repairs such as rewiring a lamp. Develop the ability to diagnose and solve common repair problems. Participants are encouraged to bring their home repair questions.
Beginner Knitting Workshop - Olean
This is a beginner knitting class. It is for individuals who wish to learn the basics and those who have limited knowledge of knitting. Participants will learn to cast on, knit and purl, and how to read and follow a pattern. Students need to bring: worsted weight yarn, scissors, a small notebook, and 8” or 10” knitting needles.
Beginning Knitting & Crocheting - Jamestown
This is a beginner knitting and crocheting class. It is for individuals who wish to learn the basics. This class is for students who have limited knowledge of knitting and crocheting. Students will learn to cast on, knit and purl, and how to read and follow a pattern. Students need to bring: worsted weight yarn, scissors, and a small notebook and; Knitters: needles size 8” or 10” Crocheters: hook size H
Advanced Knitting & Crocheting
This course is for the more advanced knitter and crocheter. Students will work on projects at their own pace and the instructor will assist students individually as needed. Students need to bring: worsted weight yarn, scissors, and a small notebook and Knitters: needles size 8” or 10” Crocheters: hook size H

Health & Well Being

Wild Wellness: Making Home Remedies With Local Plants
For as long as humans have existed, we have relied on plants for remedies and food. Community Herbalist, Sarah Sorci, will introduce you to a range of common local plants and how they can be used medicinally. This class will cover the basics of herbal medicine and medicine making, explore the science behind the effects of various herbs, and introduce plants "in person" as participants learn to identify them. You will prepare and take home herb-infused vinegar, topical oil, and ingredients for an herbal tincture. Samples, recipes, and educational materials will be provided.
Lunchtime Yoga
This class is for people who want to increase productivity and inner peace, feel healthier and be more relaxed at the workplace. Using practical and easy to follow methods, class is designed and scheduled specifically to accommodate office workers. No previous experience is needed. No special clothes are required. Bring a yoga mat to class.
Intermediate Yoga
Take your yoga practice to the next level and build on the basic essentials of yoga through the deeper study of posture alignment and form. This class includes energetic sequences of poses coordinated with the flow of your breath. Bring a yoga mat to class.
My Personal Yoga
This style of yoga adapts to you and to your individual needs. It is very gentle as it stretches and strengthens your entire body, allowing both mind and body to reach deep relaxation. The poses learned build strength, flexibility, and balance and the breathing techniques will increase lung capacity. No previous yoga experience is required, and anyone (regardless of physical condition) can take and benefit from this class. Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a blanket and/or a mat to class.
Stress-Busting Yoga
Conclude your week by releasing pent up stress while experiencing gentle and restorative yoga. Learn deep relaxation through especially mild yoga poses and breathing practices. Participants will learn easy, gentle techniques that will enable them to calm mind and body. These classes are intended for those who want to let go of stress, and require no previous experience with yoga. Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a blanket and/or a mat to class. No class on April 20.
Wake Up Yoga
Let go of weekday stress and get ready for your weekend! Balance your life and your body to feel great. Learn poses and breathing techniques that energize you while helping you to relax as well. A great first step on the road to fitness, this class will stretch and strengthen our bodies and calm our minds. No previous yoga experience is required, and anyone (regardless of physical condition) can benefit from this class. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket and/or a mat to class. No class April 21.
Exercises for Easing Pain and Restoring Flexibility & Health
Take this class where participants will do an in-depth series of simple body movements and fundamental exercises designed to relieve chronically tightened muscles and restore flexibility, movement, and health. Starting with the low back and gradually working through the hips, neck, and shoulders, you will have an opportunity to release habitual tensions; reduce body pain; and improve your posture, breathing, and walking. Learn a short 5-10 minute daily routine to help you release pain and stress for the rest of your life. Participants are asked to bring the following to class: yoga mat.
Easing Back Pain
In this introductory class, participants will do a series of simple body movements designed to relieve chronically tightened muscles and restore flexibility and movement to the low back and hips. You will have an opportunity to release habitual tensions, reduce back pain, and improve your posture, breathing, and walking. Learn a short five-minute daily routine to help you release pain and stress for the rest of your life. Participants are asked to bring the following to class: yoga mat.
Beginning Tai Chi
This introductory class, which focuses on Yang Tai Chi, involves learning about the five elements which include breathing, movement, awareness exercises, meditation, and self-defense techniques. Additionally participants will learn movement styles which stretch and tone muscles. Tai Chi has widespread health benefits which include: stress reduction; increased balance, control, fitness and flexibility; a better focus; and higher energy levels. Over time, this class allows participants to gain the fundamental skills to move in to Tai Chi: The Next Level.
Tai Chi: The Next Level
Building upon the skills learned in the Beginning Tai Chi course, this class continues the Yang Tai Chi style which incorporates both slow movements and secondary forms with a faster pace. Additionally, it allows participants to gain a more in-depth understanding of how the body and mind work together to create balance and harmony. The benefits include: a better outlook on life, better communication, better physical balance, and increased enlightenment and harmony. No Tai Chi experience is necessary in order to take Tai Chi: The Next Level. No class on May 29th and July 3rd
Traditional White Crane Kung Fu
White Crane Kung Fu is a Northern Chinese martial art which is practiced throughout the world. This class is based on a combination of physical fitness, stretching, and traditional martial arts movements. Kung Fu is considered a non-aggressive defensive art. Individuals taking this may see the following benefits: feel secure and safe from a martial arts perspective, better physical fitness, increased ability to stretch, and better outlook on life. No class on July 4th
Get F.I.T. (Fitness Intensity Training)
Get FIT and be in shape more than you have ever been when you take this class! Participants will get a high intensity workout that will be challenging as well as allow you to get acquainted with many different styles of fitness including: weight training, cardio, utilizing life fitness machines, and more. Additionally, the class will focus on healthy living, part of which consists of healthy eating, where participants will create a healthy recipe book throughout class that they get to keep. The class size is limited, so register early!
POUND® is a group fitness class that combines cardio, strength training, and Pilates with drumming to achieve a full-body workout. Participants can expect to burn 500-900 calories per class! Using Ripstix®, weighted drumsticks designed specifically for exercising , POUND® was designed to transform drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out that targets your core muscle groups. POUND® is a unisex class with each song being completely modifiable for all skill and ability levels. POUND® effectively relieves stress, breaks boundaries, and transforms bodies. Class materials needed: Yoga mat, water bottle, towel and comfortable workout clothes. *Ripstix® will be provided by the instructor.
Pound - Pay As You Go
Description above, but attend class as you are able. $7 walk in price per person. Class materials needed: Yoga mat, water bottle, towel and comfortable workout clothes. *Ripstix® will be provided by the instructor.
Be a part of the fastest growing fitness program in the country and take Zumba™. It's exercise in disguise! Zumba™ is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness program that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements, which create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness program. It gives participants a full-body workout, targeting areas such as gluteals, legs, arms, core, abdominals and the most important muscle in the body; the heart. Come join the fun! Wear comfortable clothes, athletic footwear, and bring water to class.

DMV Points Insurance Reduction/5-Hour Prelicensing Course

Points/Insurance Reduction Courses
The Point/Insurance Reduction Program, offered through the National Traffic Safety Institute and approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles, offers participants a way to reduce driver record violation points and/or insurance premiums. Saturday and daytime classes have a 1/2 hour lunch on your own. Please bring your driver’s license to class. Note: Students must arrive at this class promptly by 9 a.m. or 6 p.m. If you are late, you will not be admitted. We strictly adhere to this policy. This applies to every JCC location.
5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course
This is the five-hour NYS Department of Motor Vehicles’ pre-licensing course for students who are in the process of applying for their NYS motor vehicle license. You must bring your photo permit to class.