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Workforce and Career Development

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Professional Development

Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action
This interactive, one-day training program is designed to improve the problem-solving skills of all employee levels in any industry from health care and finance to human services and manufacturing by providing an understanding of the processes and techniques for root cause analysis and effective corrective action. The course presents the methodology and tools for determining the root cause of non-conformances, which allows for implementation of corrective action to prevent the problem from occurring again. Concepts will be reinforced through group workshop exercises.
Lean Boot Camp
In any workplace, every employee can help reduce a company's overall costs and improve efficiency by decreasing and/or eliminating waste. This 18-hour course provides a foundation in Lean practices that are applicable every day, to any role, and are appropriate in any type of industry, from manufacturing and private-sector businesses to public service organizations. Through tips, tools, interactive discussion and hands-on activity, participants will leave with the basics to make meaningful performance improvements.
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Participants receive a review of how and why Hydraulics and Pneumatics give mechanical advantage in systems and their design. Discussion and explanation of topics such as extension rate and retraction rate as it relates to the physics of the system. The course also covers items such as the basic hydraulic system, hydraulic valves, pneumatic systems, pumps, valving, cylinders & actuators, accumulators and system maintenance and troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting Equipment
Learn to troubleshoot mechanical issues with equipment, initiate proactive procedures and how to maintain and conduct regular equipment inspections.
English As A Second Language (ESL) Level II
Do you have basic English language reading, writing and speaking skills? Would you like to improve your English language skills to help you communicate at work and in the community? This course is for high-level beginners who have a basic level of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Placement testing is provided to ensure students are in the correct level. No class on Nov 20 & 22. Two options for class time make it convenient to attend in North County.
English As A Second Language (ESL) Level III
This course is for intermediate level, non-native English speaking students who want to continue to advance their skills.  The ideal student can read, write, and speak in English at more than a basic level.  The class helps the student continue to increase their level of understanding of the English language so they can perform better at work or to help them get closer to attending college in the future. Two options for class time make it convenient to attend. No class on Nov 21 & 23.
Notary Public
This seminar prepares individuals for the NYS test and provides a comprehensive view of the notary public office. Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures are clarified in plain English. Examples are provided to illuminate situations that the officer is likely to encounter such as avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining professional ethics and much more. Tuition includes text.


Barrier Precautions
New York State law requires that persons licensed in identified health professions who practice in NYS must complete approved course work or training regarding infection control every four years to meet their licensing requirements. Want to take this course online instead? Complete the Barrier Precautions reading/quiz program at your convenience. You must have basic computer skills, internet access, and email.


Safe Workplace Electrical Practices—NFPA70E
This course is intended for employees who face a risk of electrical hazard from work they perform on equipment and circuits that are not totally de-energized. If lock out is not an option under 1910.333(a)(1) they also need to understand the electrical hazards present and how to incorporate safe work practices into the work they perform. This is not an NEC course, which describes acceptable electrical insulation, but rather a course to address current safe electrical work practices and how to incorporate the new NFPA 70 E requirements into your workplace.
Ergonomics is the science of designing or redesigning work to be compatible with the physical limitations and capabilities of workers. The objective is to have the job demand be less than the worker's capability. This program is designed to help individuals recognize how their anatomy was designed to move correctly and lift properly. The focus is on the individual and the lifestyle choices a person makes and how that affects physical health and strength. This course provides information to help individuals make good, healthy decisions and can be tailored to your company's specific needs. This program is designed to be highly interactive and gives participants a chance to experience what they learn.