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Technology Enrichment

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Word Processing

Create Custom Mailings with Microsoft Mail Merge
Creating Custom Mailings with MS Word Mail Merge Learn how to design form letters with merge fields; create data lists in Word or use data from Excel or Access; sort and select data records; create mailing labels. Prerequisite: Word experience.
Managing Complex Documents with Microsoft Word
Come down and learn how to conquer page numbers, headers and footers, tables of contents, foot/endnotes, styles and more to make working with large documents easier. Prerequisite: Word experience.


Microsoft Excel -Part 1
Use Microsoft Excel to manage, display, and save numerical data. You will receive instruction on the newest Microsoft Excel interface, entering data into cells, viewing data, and printing out worksheets. We also will be covering formatting numbers and text; using the format painter; inserting, deleting, and modifying rows and columns; creating and using formulas with fixed and relative referencing; creating and modifying charts. Price includes textbook.
Constructing Microsoft Excel Formulas
Do you want to learn how to build more complicated formulas, use functions and combine them in powerful ways? Learn to troubleshoot formulas using the auditing tools, document the formulas that you create, and use named ranges and cells in your formulas to better understand the purpose of the formula. Prerequisite: Excel experience.
Using Microsoft Excel Charts
Do you know Excel supports a wide variety of standard types of charts and graphs? What are you waiting for! Create effective charts today that clearly and accurately convey the meaning of your data. Prerequisite: Excel experience.

Web Design

Website Design Series
Take the five courses in this series and gain a better understanding of your website from creation to your customer needs. Let us show you how your business will benefit in just 20 hours! SAVE $ by taking the entire series.
Web Design With Word Press
Create your own website in just four hours. Use WordPress software to build a customizable website for personal or business use. Bloggers, small business owners, and all types of companies use WordPress to manage and operate their website. WordPress makes it easy to customize and edit content quickly and easily without learning code.
Advanced Web Design With WordPress
Advance your skills with WordPress. Learn to set up plugins, configure widgets, set up custom menus, and customize your website template. You will also learn where to go for additional help. Must have taken Website Design with WordPress or have experience using WordPress.
Selling Online with Your Ecommerce Website
Let’s start selling online! Learn about ecommerce options such as Shopify, Big Commerce plus how to use a WordPress website as an online storefront. Learn ways to get your shop up quickly and easily with minimal upfront costs.
Let's Boost Traffic On Your Website With SEO
Learn the techniques that will allow your website to gain a top spot within a search engine. You will learn SEO techniques such as: title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, quality content guidelines, user experience guidelines and analysis methods. SEO is a critical tool for businesses in the competitive online environment.
What, When, and Who is Visiting Your Website
Find out how many people visit your website, how they found your website, pages they liked and didn't like. Web analytics can help you create a better user experience for your website's visitors and can help you track performance. Learn how to set up web analytics, use tracking codes, and analyze data. 

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing Certificate Program

Start Winning the Inbox with Email Marketing
Email is consistently ranked the most profitable and effective marketing channel in today’s digital world. Email ROI (return-on-investment) outranks all other online marketing channels like social media and paid search as well as traditional offline channels such as print advertising and telemarketing. During this 10-hour non-credit certificate course, students will learn to set up and manage a free email marketing platform, gain subscribers, design effective emails, and create autoresponder or sequential campaigns that generate revenue. Classes are hands-on using MailChimp, but the principles and strategies will work in any platform. Program Topics: Planning and Strategy, List Building, Email Design & CTA, Automated Campaigns, Copywriting. Classes in North County will be held on Tuesdays and classes in Olean will be held on Wednesdays.


QuickBooks I
Quickbooks I—Desktop Version Our CPA instructors have been in the business of accounting for several years and will demonstrate the many different ways it can help your small business. This hands-on course will offer you background on accounting principles and financial statements so that you can make sure you are capturing the right data. Some of the topics to be covered include: income statements, balance sheets, tracking sales, expenses, preparing bank reconciliations, and much more. Price includes textbook. Please register 1 week prior to class start date to ensure book arrival.
QuickBooks II
This course will expand on the basic topics covered in QuickBooks I. You will receive more in depth instruction on the following topics: invoices, sales receipts, voiding/deleting checks, credit memos, paying bills, receiving and adjusting inventory, setting up payroll, managing payroll, reporting and paying sales tax, petty cash, finding transactions FAST, creating custom invoices, online banking and much more. Prerequisite: Quickbooks I. Price includes textbook. Please register 1 week prior to class start date.
Quickbooks - Online Version
Learn how the online version of QuickBooks can help you manage your business finances from almost anywhere using cloud technology. Throughout the course we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using QuickBooks online to manage your business. This hands-on course will cover topics like: income statements, balance sheets, tracking sales, expenses, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more.