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Technology Enrichment


Word Processing

Create Custom Mailings with Microsoft Mail Merge

Creating Custom Mailings with MS Word Mail Merge Learn how to design form letters with merge fields; create data lists in Word or use data from Excel or Access; sort and select data records; create mailing labels. Prerequisite: Word experience.

Managing Complex Documents with Microsoft Word

Come down and learn how to conquer page numbers, headers and footers, tables of contents, foot/endnotes, styles and more to make working with large documents easier. Prerequisite: Word experience.


Microsoft Excel -Part 1

Use Microsoft Excel to manage, display, and save numerical data. You will receive instruction on the newest Microsoft Excel interface, entering data into cells, viewing data, and printing out worksheets. We also will be covering formatting numbers and text; using the format painter; inserting, deleting, and modifying rows and columns; creating and using formulas with fixed and relative referencing; creating and modifying charts. Price includes textbook.

Microsoft Excel-Part II

Advance your skills even more! You will learn how to manage multipage worksheets; freezing headings and splitting worksheet windows; adding graphics to worksheets; creating, saving and using templates; locking and unlocking cells; applying worksheet protection by setting a password; attaching a digital signature; creating and managing multiple-sheet workbooks; copying formatting between worksheets; using linked formulas; creating hyperlinks to areas within the workbook and to other documents and so much more! Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows & MS Excel Part I. Price includes textbook.

Constructing Microsoft Excel Formulas

Do you want to learn how to build more complicated formulas, use functions and combine them in powerful ways? Learn to troubleshoot formulas using the auditing tools, document the formulas that you create, and use named ranges and cells in your formulas to better understand the purpose of the formula. Prerequisite: Excel experience.

Using Microsoft Excel Charts

Do you know Excel supports a wide variety of standard types of charts and graphs? What are you waiting for! Create effective charts today that clearly and accurately convey the meaning of your data. Prerequisite: Excel experience.

Cloud Technology

Expanding Your Global Presence
Website, social media, email marketing, SEO...“oh my!” There is so much to learn and implement in marketing a business or organization globally. Do not fear! This course can teach you the ins and outs of what you should be doing right to attract customers to your website.
Overachieving Your Google Drive
Collaboration, sharing, word processing, and analytics...Google™ can do all that and its FREE! You will learn the basics of Google's™ free word processing program, managing files on Google™ Drive, and how to use Google™ Analytics and Webmaster tools to manage your website's SEO and analytics.


QuickBooks I

Quickbooks I—Desktop Version Our CPA instructors have been in the business of accounting for several years and will demonstrate the many different ways it can help your small business. This hands-on course will offer you background on accounting principles and financial statements so that you can make sure you are capturing the right data. Some of the topics to be covered include: income statements, balance sheets, tracking sales, expenses, preparing bank reconciliations, and much more. Price includes textbook. Please register 1 week prior to class start date to ensure book arrival.

QuickBooks II

This course will expand on the basic topics covered in QuickBooks I. You will receive more in depth instruction on the following topics: invoices, sales receipts, voiding/deleting checks, credit memos, paying bills, receiving and adjusting inventory, setting up payroll, managing payroll, reporting and paying sales tax, petty cash, finding transactions FAST, creating custom invoices, online banking and much more. Prerequisite: Quickbooks I. Price includes textbook. Please register 1 week prior to class start date.