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Technology Enrichment



QuickBooks II
Learn more about the many features that are available in QuickBooks that can save you time and increase your efficiency. This course will expand on the basic topics covered in QuickBooks I. You will receive more in depth instruction on the following topics: invoices, sales receipts, voiding/deleting checks, credit memos, paying bills, receiving and adjusting inventory, setting up payroll, managing payroll, reporting and paying sales tax, petty cash, finding transactions FAST, creating custom invoices, online banking and much more.  Prerequisite: Quickbooks I. Price includes textbook. Please register 1 week prior to class start date to ensure book arrival.

Word Processing

MS Word I
Improve your word processing skills and take advantage of all the great features the newest version of Microsoft Word has to offer. You will create, revise, and save documents for future use and also learn the interface, creating and using autocorrect entries, spell and grammar check, thesaurus, and find and replace features. In addition, you will insert and remove page breaks, adjust margins, change line spacing, set, modify and remove tabs, cut, copy, & paste text, and create a mail merge for letters, labels or envelopes. Price includes textbook.
MS Word II
Learn advanced word processing skills. You will work with tables creating, sorting, performing calculations, and adjusting properties, and also to create and edit documents which include Word Art, clip art, drop caps, auto shapes, text boxes and other objects. Use your creative side as you format a newsletter quickly trying out format changes using built-in and custom styles. Create and edit templates to give your work a consistently professional look. Prerequisite: MS Word Part I. Price includes textbook.
Create Custom Mailings with Microsoft Mail Merge
Learn how to design form letters with merge fields; create data lists in Word or use data from Excel or Access; sort and select data records; create mailing labels. Prerequisite: Word experience.
Managing Complex Documents with Microsoft Word
Come down and learn how to conquer page numbers, headers and footers, tables of contents, foot/endnotes, styles and more to make working with large documents easier. Prerequisite: Word experience.
Creating Flyers Using Word
Explore the use of columns, tabs, picture position, grouping, backgrounds, borders and more in Word to create business cards, labels, flyers, brochures, invitations, and tri-fold marketing materials. Prerequisite: Word experience.


Microsoft Excel 2013-Part 1
Use Microsoft Excel to manage, display, and save numerical data. You will receive instruction on the newest Microsoft Excel interface, entering data into cells, viewing data, and printing out worksheets. We also will be covering formatting numbers and text; using the format painter; inserting, deleting, and modifying rows and columns; creating and using formulas with fixed and relative referencing; creating and modifying charts. Price includes textbook.
Microsoft Excel 2013-Part II
Advance your Microsoft Excel skills even more! You will learn how to manage multipage worksheets; freezing headings and splitting worksheet windows; adding graphics to worksheets; creating, saving and using templates; locking and unlocking cells; applying worksheet protection by setting a password; attaching a digital signature; creating and managing multiple-sheet workbooks; copying formatting between worksheets; using linked formulas; creating hyperlinks to areas within the workbook and to other documents; creating and modifying tables that can be sorted and filtered; hiding detail data using the outline and grouping commands. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows & MS Excel Part I. Price includes textbook.
Constructing Microsoft Excel Formulas
Do you want to learn how to build more complicated formulas, use functions and combine them in powerful ways? Learn to troubleshoot formulas using the auditing tools, document the formulas that you create, and use named ranges and cells in your formulas to better understand the purpose of the formula. Prerequisite: Excel experience.
Using Microsoft Excel Charts
Do you know Excel supports a wide variety of standard types of charts and graphs? What are you waiting for?! Create effective charts today that clearly and accurately convey the meaning of your data. Prerequisite: Excel experience.


Introduction to Databases
Creating a new database from scratch can be quite confusing; and you often need to learn the basics of database structure and its concepts. Learn today how to build and customize tables to take control of your data in Microsoft Access.

Web Design

Website Design Series
Take the five courses in this series and gain a better understanding of your website from creation to your customer needs. Let us show you how your business will benefit in just 20 hours! SAVE $ by taking the entire series.
Web Design With Word Press
Create your own website in just four hours. Use WordPress software to build a customizable website for personal or business use. Bloggers, small business owners, and all types of companies use WordPress to manage and operate their website. WordPress makes it easy to customize and edit content quickly and easily without learning code.
Advanced Web Design With WordPress
Advance your skills with WordPress. Learn to set up plugins, configure widgets, set up custom menus, and customize your website template. You will also learn where to go for additional help. Must have taken Website Design with WordPress or have experience using WordPress.
Selling Online with Your Ecommerce Website
Let’s start selling online! Learn about ecommerce options such as Shopify, Big Commerce plus how to use a WordPress website as an online storefront. Learn ways to get your shop up quickly and easily with minimal upfront costs.
Let's Boost Traffic On Your Website With SEO
Learn the techniques that will allow your website to gain a top spot within a search engine. You will learn SEO techniques such as: title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, quality content guidelines, user experience guidelines and analysis methods. SEO is a critical tool for businesses in the competitive online environment.
What, When, and Who is Visiting Your Website
Find out how many people visit your website, how they found your website, pages they liked and didn't like. Web analytics can help you create a better user experience for your website's visitors and can help you track performance. Learn how to set up web analytics, use tracking codes, and analyze data. 

Graphic Design

Explore the Adobe Creative Cloud
Interested in the Adobe Creative Cloud? Get up to speed with Adobe’s latest creative software. Explore what’s included in the Creative Cloud and how it can be used to create flyers, brochures, logos, animation, edit video and images, edit audio and create websites.
Photoshop Fundamentals
Learn the basics of Photoshop in this four-hour workshop. This workshop will cover the Photoshop interface, layers, basic image editing, creating graphics and combining images using the world’s most powerful image editing tool.

Open Source Software & Social Media

What’s Open Source Software
Is your software budget out of control? Learn about software that has similar capabilities of your favorite Microsoft and Adobe applications, without the heavy price tag for your business or organization.
Google App Boot Camp
Google is more than a search engine—did you know? Google is everywhere and its applications are free. Google offers the ability for users to create and edit documents online, photo sharing, and the best part—collaboration. Come and learn some new skills today.
Managing Your Online Reputation
Do you think online reputation management is only suited for large business corporations? Not necessarily, and with the rise of social media and user-generated reviews like Yelp and Google, it is more important than ever to know what is being said online regarding your brand. Studies show reviews can impact a brand’s reputation and most importantly sales.
Social Media for Managers & Human Resource Professionals
Social media has become a powerful tool for personal and professional networking in our society. These sessions will provide an in-depth overview and discussion of key aspects of the evolving intersection of social media and human resource practices. We will focus on understanding and managing the benefits and risks associated with the use of social media in recruitment and employee engagement, while promoting and protecting your brand reputation with employees/customers. Participants are encouraged to bring experiences with social media in the workplace to add to the discussion.

Social Media Certificate Program

Social Media Certificate Program
Combining instruction, discussion, hands-on labs and one-on-one guidance, this non-credit course teaches proven strategies to effectively market your business using social media. Begin with a look at the foundations of internet marketing, then assess your current social media presence, set goals, develop a plan and begin creating valuable content. Learn which social media platforms your business should be using and how to effectively market you products or services on each platform. The first seven hours covers Social Media Marketing Strategy (required). The remaining six hours are students’ choice of three 2-hour platform courses from these options: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter Earn 1.3 CEUs (Platform courses can be taken individually if space allows.)
Social Media Marketing for Small Business
This is a required class for the Social Media Marketing Certificate and 1.3 CEUs. Begin with a look at the foundations of your company’s internet marketing strategy, then assess your current social media presence, set goals, and create valuable content. Through hands-on exercises, learn how to track your results and monitor/adjust your social media plan.
Facebook for Business
As of July 2015, Facebook boasted 968 million daily active users and 1.49 billion monthly active users with approximately 83% of daily users being outside of the US and Canada. That is an enormous reach! In this hands-on class, learn how to establish your company’s Facebook presence and grow your audience by sharing meaningful content, running contests and adding your events to your company page. Monitor results with Facebook’s robust analytics/insights tools.
Instagram for Business
Instagram is a powerful storytelling platform allowing businesses to connect with their audience at a very human level. Developed by photographers, Instagram was built to be visually inspirational, making it an ideal platform for businesses with products or services that can be captured visually (e.g., lifestyle, food, design, fashion, etc.).
Twitter for Business
Twitter is a real-time social networking platform that savvy small business owners can leverage to connect instantly with their audience. This class will teach you how find and listen to relevant conversations within your industry, eventually joining in when you can add valuable content to the discussion. You’ll also learn how to use hashtags to either expand or focus your tweet’s reach. As with all the classes in this series, you will learn the basics of analytics and some helpful tools to manage your time.
YouTube for Business
With over 1 billion users, YouTube is hands down the leading platform for creating and distributing videos. Small business owners can capture that potential by creating simple how-to tutorials, posting customer reviews, sharing clips from special events, etc.. Don’t worry if you don’t have a videographer on staff! Business-related videos don’t have to be perfect, polished, Oscar-worthy works of art. This class will help you plan creative, entertaining, budget-conscious video content your audience will appreciate. Built-in tools to create your videos and analytics to track your results will also be covered.
Pinterest for Business
Businesses with a strong B2C focus will benefit greatly by connecting with Pinterest’s 72.5 million active users who use this platform much like a search engine seeking visually appealing content that they “bookmark” and keep on their personal boards. You will learn to use “rich pins”, themed boards and product images to drive traffic to your website or blog. As always, you’ll learn to measure your success using the built-in analytics tools within Pinterest.
LinkedIn for Business
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, boasting 380 million users in 200+ countries. Strategically using LinkedIn company pages in a B2B marketing plan will allow you to connect with customers, generate new leads, post jobs and promote your products and services globally. In this class, you will learn how to create a Showcase page for your business, build your audience and use the Analytics tab to monitor your results.
Google+ for Business
Google+ and Yelp should be a part of every local business owner’s marketing strategy. Why? Because Google likes to reference itself in searches, meaning content you post to your business’ Google+ account could turn up first in search results even when your website doesn't. Yelp is ideal for businesses in service industries and is a powerful tool for generating customer feedback and positive “word-of-mouth” reviews. Learn, hands-on, how to use these two platforms to connect with customers and improve your search ranking.

Video Marketing Certificate Program

Video Marketing
Did you know that 300 hours of new video is being uploaded to YouTube every minute? Or that in January of 2016 Facebook reported 3 billion video views per day? Those numbers are staggering, and these aren’t all cute cat videos. Businesses large and small are using the power of photography & video to showcase their products, connect with their customers and build community. In this non-credit certificate course, your instructors will walk you through the process of creating in-house videos and photographs on a budget. This is a hands-on class. Please bring a smart phone or standard digital camera. Program Topic by date: Jan. 20- Photography for the Web, Jan. 27-Video Strategy, Feb. 3-Production, Feb. 10-Editing, Feb. 17-Optimization, Feb. 24-Promotion

Email Marketing Certificate Program

Email Marketing
Email is consistently ranked the most profitable and effective marketing channel in today’s digital world. Email ROI (return-on-investment) outranks all other online marketing channels like social media and paid search as well as traditional offline channels such as print advertising and telemarketing. During this 10-hour non-credit certificate course, students will learn to set up and manage a free email marketing platform, gain subscribers, design effective emails, and create autoresponder or sequential campaigns that generate revenue. Classes are hands-on using MailChimp, but the principles and strategies will work in any platform.