Found Poem – Story of War


She awoke to a burst of pain.
Shock and Horror.
Crushing weight, and loss of consciousness.
A U.S. shell had crashed through her bedroom wall on top of her legs.

Poorly designed and fit uncomfortably.
New ones were heavy.
Walking was exhausting.
Sent to a center in Baghdad where she was fitted for prosthesis.

Enormous separation from people.
Heavy depression set in.
All hope was lost.
The accident had taken everything from her: independence, health, dignity, and now, future.

The Future
Dozens of hours of therapy.
Life beyond disability.
Hope and purpose again.
Up on her feet. Left in front of right, right swings in front of left.


Allie Eckman
Frewsburg High School


As the seasons change, so do I.
I rise from my slumber,
The sun wakes me once again.
My mood flows with the weather,
The warm wind carries my heart,
The sunny weather exposes my happiness.
My smile shares the same reasoning as the sun
And fills my days with gentle calm.
The flowers beg to be picked by my hand
With every new blossom, sweet perfumes
Greet the foraging creatures.
I bask in the daylight, my mood brightens,
New shades illuminate my days,
Just as my new attitude brightens the moods of others.
The beautiful melodies are sung by the birds,
The mists glisten upon the mesmerizing grasses.
At the end of the day,
I can settle with the sunset,
The season has changed.


By Frewsburg High School Creative Writing Spring 2018
Alexandrea Eckman
Daniel Gage
Conour Rodgers
Anna Smith
Mrs. Burns


The soft spring air
Brings joy and care
But along with these
Is my distressing sneeze

The flowers that I smell so close
Are what makes me sneeze the most
And from these, the pollen that drifts through the sky
Gives me the sniffles when it floats by


Anna Smith
Frewsburg High School