Paying Attention While Driving

Alyssa Lobb
Mrs. Burns
English 10 Advanced
7 November 2016
Paying Attention While Driving

Have you ever experienced a car accident that wasn’t your fault? These accidents happen more often than not. More than likely the person that wasn’t doing anything wrong will be the one to end up severely injured. There are several distractions while driving, but the most common distraction is our cellphones. Keeping your eyes on the road while driving is important because it can change your life or the lives of others.
First off, there are many incidents that can distract a driver, one of the biggest distractions in today’s world is the use of cell phones. The use of cellphones while behind the wheel has become a huge issue in today’s society. According to CBS News, over 6,000 people were killed and half a million people were injured in the past year from drivers not paying attention because of their phones. This directly affects me because I was recently hit from behind in an accident, because the lady behind me was on her cellphone. Not only did this accident involve my sister and I, but another car. My sister and I were pushed into oncoming traffic and another driver was involved. There were two cars affected because a lady was using her cellphone while driving. Overall, my sister and I were injured while the lady causing the accident was “okay”. I am severely injured in my back and in my neck, which will affect me my entire life. Your cellphone needs to be put away and silenced while driving. A text or a phone call can wait. Nothing is more important than your life or the lives of others.
Next, keeping all your attention on the road and your surroundings is critical to your safety and the other driver’s safety. Many things can be distracting while driving like your surroundings, or what is playing on the radio, or the other passengers in the car, but keeping your focus on the road the key to keeping safe. My cousin who was seventeen passed away in a car accident as she was unaware of what was going on around her. Not only did she pass away before she could graduate from high school, but my other cousin was in the car with her. She was fourteen and was nearly paralyzed with a broken neck. Since this tragedy that occurred 11 years ago my family and I have thought about life differently. There is nothing more important than a life and whatever may be distracting at the time won’t be important if a disaster occurs.
Finally, here are several accidents and mishaps that occur on the road from drivers not paying attention. New laws and punishments have been proposed and enforced because of recurring accidents. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association texting in a car as the driver has been banned in 44 states. An officer can issue a ticket to the driver if he or she is has the intent to use their cell phone. The ticket can cost $150 or more according to the DMV of New York State.
Avoiding distractions is crucial to the safety of yourself and others on the road. No text, or call, or song, or conversation with other passengers will ever be more important than a life or a person’s safety. It can wait. As a driver you should always be aware and cautious while driving. Lastly never take any day for granted as you never know what kind of distractions there will on the road.

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