Fear of Leaving

Fear of Leaving

Joyful moments are a thing of the past.
Untold secrets still weighing heavily,
Silencing the passion that once was.
Time does not compare to the damage.

Leave behind what has broken you.
Even though the hurt may blur all hopes,
There is something, someone that will enlighten your life.

Give yourself the chance at happiness.
Only good things come to those who try.



Three in the morning,
The world is asleep.
I feel my skin warming.
The snow falling in a wide sweep.

This night, O so silent
Seems to lift my prayers
To the sky that is vibrant.
With peace come no nightmares.

The world is at rest.
We watch over the tired.
For they will nest
As dreams are transpired.

My breath goes out, and in.
For my God is within.


It smells like a lavender candle burning in the wind.
It tastes like a warm cup of tea running down your throat.
It sounds like a waterfall flowing off the side of a mountain.
It feels like a country road drive on a warm summer night.
It looks like an ocean while the warm sun is rising early in the morning.
Calm is soothing and stress free.

Emotional Poem
Calm by Cordell O’Brien



She looked up at the stars,
With her sorrows and her scars.

The beauty in her eye
Was like a battle cry.

Her image haunted his dream.
The silhouette of a queen.

A lovely girl watching the night o’ black,
And the moon and stars who gazed back.

-based off Throne of Glass novels

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Drip, drip, drip
Droplets tumble gently onto rooftops,
Wormy water around bright yellow boots,
Giant, red golf umbrella
Shields against the inevitable
Perfectly scattered puddles.

Cold air
The leaves sway in the wind
With each breeze that passes,
The world twists and turns,
The haze of change.

Drip, drip, drip
Clouds scamper into zone coverage
The offense anticipates an opening in the trenches
Hit it and go!

Cold air
Chills run across my skin
The sound of splashing engulfs my senses
Thunder rolling aggressively in the distance
Swirling purple clouds overwhelm the sky
Darkness creeps in bearing the weight of a storm.

Drip, drip, drip
The downpour
Humidity fills the air,
Clouds seem to slowly part.
The rushing rain turns into a light drizzle,
A brighter day is to be seen beyond the horizon.
The sun peeks through
And the world resumes.

-Mrs. Burns’ and Creative Writing class, 2017
Cordell O’Brien, Heather Russell,, Sierrah Rounds,, Aurora Treacy, Jenna Emley