campaign tag - Come as you are, leave as you want to beAt Jamestown Community College, you can come as you are and leave as you want to be. Discover your unique talents and reach your goals with our robust educational experiences, diverse opportunities, and transformative process. We’re sharing JCC’s educational options and ability to transform students through our marketing campaign.

Our televised commercials follow a student from her first day at JCC to graduation, and another as he goes back to school as a nontraditional learner. Our professional photo shoot showcases our students and their possible futures thanks to a JCC education. Our student video profiles provide a personal glimpse into the lives of a scholar, an athlete, and a veteran, among others.

Do you see yourself in these stories? (No, really – our campaign stars JCC students, and chances are you’ll recognize yourself or a friend!) New content will be added regularly, so visit often and keep an eye out for the pieces "in action" in and around our community.



  • JCC traditional student, commercial still
  • JCC adult student, commercial still
  • JCC media arts student, commercial still


  • JCC campaign - students taking selfie, phone shows athletes
  • JCC campaign - student walk by library window looking at phone
  • JCC campaign - student takes selfie, phone shows graduate
  • JCC campaign - student look out science window
  • JCC campaign - student looks at self in mirror, sees self as graduate
  • JCC campaign - student works on car, sees self as welder
  • JCC campaign - student walk by library window
  • JCC campaign - students take selfie, phone shows graduates

Student Stories

  • Chelsea Cotter interview still
  • Kyle Taylor-McLeggan interview still
  • Kirk Allen interview still
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