Amy Hulin
Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science

Athlete Spotlight: February 2014

Sophomore Amy Hulin has always been a competitor. Growing up in Bolivar, New York, playing soccer and softball was how she cultivated the drive that she applies to every area of her life. Her competitive spirit and friendly attitude draw others in, making her a natural leader. Her ability to stay confident and humble, win or lose, makes her stand out as a great example of a Jaguar athlete. [Athlete Spotlights]

Q: What attracted you to Jamestown Community College Athletics?

A: I just really enjoyed playing sports. I was really involved in high school sports, and I have played soccer forever. Different sports have always been how I made friends and it’s how I adapted in all of my transitions, from grade school to high school and so on. I heard about the Jaguars’ soccer team going to nationals, and the JCC coach came and coached one of our practices in high school. I really enjoyed his style and what he taught us, so I responded to his recruitment.

Q: Why the soccer team?

A: Soccer has always been my thing. I started playing soccer when I was four, and I was a goalie from the start. I am looking into the soccer team at Daemen College in Amherst, NY. That’s my favorite transfer option and they have a good soccer team, and I would like to stick with it.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about college athletics?

A: I have always been very competitive, and competing in soccer and softball were always the best outlets for that trait. When I was starting at JCC, one of my biggest concerns as a freshman was how to meet new people. I had grown up around the same people throughout my entire education and now I was starting over, and I feel like that is a concern for most students enrolling in higher education.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

A: Being a really competitive girl, I wanted to win. We had a really rough season this year, though. I reached my goal of meeting new people and getting involved with the campus. That can be really tough when you are a commuter. I wanted to make it an experience I would enjoy, and achieving that through athletics was the best choice I could have made.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future? (Career, life, etc.)

A: Well, I started off as a liberal arts and science major specializing in math and science, but early on in my college career I completed all of the math requirements I could need. I was advised to switch to science and I am about to complete that degree. I began studying physical therapy and I was accepted into the physical therapy program at Daemen, which has a dual agreement with JCC. This means that I have already begun to work on that degree and I will have my doctorate in physical therapy after four years at most once I transfer. I will be starting at Daemen in the fall of 2014. I made the decision that school will always come before sports, but I am really looking forward to soccer as well. I may just play club soccer, because my academic goals will require a lot of focus.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring athletes?

A: It doesn’t just apply to athletes, but for any college student; get involved! Get involved in anything, a sport, a club, whatever helps make you you, and share that with the world. That’s how you make your experience enjoyable. You control it. You can sit in your car between classes and go home or you can make the experience your own and reach goals that maybe you didn’t think were reachable. I know a lot of girls were reluctant to join the soccer team at first, but we all agreed later that it was an amazing experience, and there wasn’t any regret among us.

-Written by Hannah Grable

Other Sports: JCC Jaguars Softball, High School Soccer, Basketball, Softball

Honors/Awards: JCC Jaguars Women’s Soccer Team Captain, Team Captain of High School Soccer, Basketball, and Softball, All Star Basketball, All Star Soccer, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, National Honor Society, Honor Roll

Coach's Notes: Our keeper and our defensive captain, Amy controls the defensive team. She’s the real deal with high caliber athleticism, mental toughness, and razor sharp focus.