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Dear Alumnus,

Today’s world is a noisy one. As technology enlarges our social spheres and enhances the connections between them, it’ll get even noisier. That means it’s more difficult than ever for an organization to stand out from the crowd. Companies the world over spend billions on branding and institutions of higher education are no different. We invest heavily in our brand and spend a great deal of time strategizing about the best way to leverage that investment.

But what’s in a brand? For many organizations, it’s about logos, slogans, and company colors. JCC has those things, of course, but we take it one important step farther.

Our brand is you, our alumni. You are our greatest success. You are the best example of our work. You shine a spotlight on the importance of this college, every single day, through your efforts to make your community a better place to live, work, and play. Our brand is, too, the values we instill in our alumni. A commitment to excellence. A lifelong desire to learn and grow. A desire to help others and serve their communities with a deep sense of purpose. 

This is our brand. This is JCC.

So many of our alumni have emerged as community and business leaders with whom JCC enjoys a great and rewarding relationship. Others are members of the faculty and staff at this great college, each of whom continually inspires me. As president, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our alumni and in each one of them I see the JCC brand personified. Perhaps most rewarding of all: I am in a unique position to watch the JCC brand begin to emerge in those who have yet to cross the stage.

In this issue of green&gold, we celebrate a few of the more than 21,000 living examples of the JCC brand. The alumni featured in these pages are creators in their own ways: one is an artist; one is an entrepreneur; one is a mayor; and several are authors. Each is shaping the world, armed with fresh ideas, the strength of their beliefs, and the foundation of a JCC education. 

I know that I speak for all of us at JCC when I say that we’re so very proud of our alumni and all that you’ve accomplished.

Cory L. Duckworth, J.D.



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