Board of Directors

Jamestown Community College Alumni Association

The JCC Alumni Association Boards of Directors are dynamic, member-focused organizations that work to support present and future alumni of Jamestown Community College. If you're interested in becoming a Board member, contact Kristen Johnson, the Director of Alumni Relations, at 716.338.1056 or via email at

Board of Directors, Jamestown Campus

Leasen Robinson, '00, Chairman
Cheri Foti, '76, Vice Chairman
Carole Garrison, '93, Secretary
Ann Cappalino, '91, Treasurer
Judy Beckerink, '69
John Bauer, '71
Jeff Camp, '84
Arlene Christopherson, '65
Gail Coyle, '86
Julie Hull, '80

Matthew Kindberg, '05
Linda O. Manno, '69
Nicholas Manno, '76
Elizabeth Petiprin, '73, '82
Patricia Phillips, '63
Steve Riczker, '82
Juanita Rublee, '93
Delana Rupp, '91
Catherine "Katie" Smith, '71
Dennis Webster, '74


Board of Directors, Cattaraugus County Campus

Larry Penman, '04, Chairman
Tammy Skroback, '84, Vice-Chairman
Lori Jordan, '03, Secretary
Anne Carlson, '96
Tracie Clayson, '94
Kerry Grisewood, '90
Kathy Loncosky, '05
Marjorie McIntosh, '98
Lorraine Smith, '95
Meme Yanetsko, '88