Maria V. Sena, Class of 2014, presented breast cancer chemotherapy research at the Immunology 2014 conference held during the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) 2014 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. The event is considered the premier global conference for immunologists.

Throughout the conference, Ms. Sena elaborated on the research she and fellow student Andrew Gerwitz conducted at JCC. Their research poster, entitled: “Meprin Alpha Mediates CCL2 Activity in Murine Bone Marrow Cells Using a Model of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy,” was one of more than 2,000 displayed at the conference.

Immunology 2014 featured cutting edge developments from scientists, including world leaders in immunology presenting their research in plenary lectures and special symposia, award lecture presentations, and major symposia. In addition, more than 700 other AAI and guest society members presented their latest findings in over 100 sessions.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 2:27pm
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