Tuition and Fees: 2015-2016

The college reserves the right to make, at any time, any changes it deems advisable in the tuition or fees listed. 

Full-time, NYS resident with valid Certificate of Residence $2,260 per semester
Full-time, NYS resident without valid Certificate of Residence $4,520 per semester
Full-time, non-resident $4,520 per semester
Part-time (fewer than 12 credit hours)
NYS resident with valid Certificate of Residence $188 per credit hour
NYS resident without valid Certificate of Residence $377 per credit hour
Non-resident $377 per credit hour
Residence hall suites  
Single room $3,750 per semester
Double room $3,350 per semester
The following fees are mandatory unless noted as optional and are not refundable after drop/add period:
Course Fees
Faculty Student Association (FSA) fee $10.25 per credit hour
Health services fee $2.25 per credit hour
Learning network fee (also applies to online courses) $3.50 per credit hour
Technology fee (also applies to online courses) $8.25 per credit hour
Aviation (AVN) flight fees (for students enrolled in aviation courses) up to $13,000 (pending review with program coordinator)
Laboratory/studio fees varies $10-$185
College Fees
College processing fee (one-time fee payable upon admission to JCC) $85
Student accident insurance (mandatory for full-time and all nursing students, optional for part-time students) $13 per semester
Student sickness insurance (optional for all) See Business Office for details
Late payment fee $35
Placement test retesting fee $10
Returned check fee $30 per check

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who wish to withdraw from any or all of their classes are advised to file their course withdrawals promptly with the Counseling Center on the Cattaraugus County Campus, the registrar on the Jamestown Campus, or the main office at the North County and Warren centers. Students should consult with the financial aid and business offices before they stop attending classes. [More information on refunds]

Return of Title IV Aid

Students who receive Title IV aid (PELL, ACG, SEOG, Stafford loans) and withdraw from all classes may have their awards reduced and will be responsible to repay any aid disbursed that they are subsequently ineligible to receive. Refunds are paid in the following order: Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), PLUS Loans, Pell, SEOG Grants, required refunds of other federal, state, private, or institutional assistance, to the student.

Students who withdraw their registration from any or all classes shall be liable for payment of tuition and fees, and are eligible for refunds according to the following schedule:

Fall/Spring Semesters Tuition Liability Reduction of Tuition Charges
Prior to 1st day of classes 0% 100%
1st week of semester 25% 75%
2nd week of semester 50% 50%
3rd week of semester 75% 25%
4th week of semester and later 100% 0%
Summer Sessions Tuition Liability Reduction of Tuition Charges
Prior to 1st day of classes 0% 100%
1st week of session 75% 25%
2nd week of session and later 100% 0%
  • Students participating in drop/add procedures during the first week of classes will not be assessed charges for dropped classes required for course schedule changes.
  • All refunds are based on the date withdrawal forms are completed and filed with the registrar's office. Exceptions to this policy will be considered under extenuating circumstances.
  • Students must complete an affidavit for a certificate of residence that indicates permanent New York state residency for 12 months prior to the start of classes.
  • Students may pay with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards in person or by calling their campus business office at one of the numbers listed below.

Questions about tuition and fee accounts?

Jamestown Campus and Warren Center 716.338.1003
Cattaraugus County Campus 716.376.7504
North County Center 716.363-6500