Welcome to the SUNY Jamestown Community College Net Price Calculator

JCC is pleased to provide the Net Price Calculator as a financial planning tool for college. Federal law requires all colleges and universities to provide this kind of calculator so you can compare costs at a variety of schools. The calculator provides a preliminary estimate of the costs to attend JCC for full-time study, and the kinds and amounts of financial aid students like you have recently received. Your unique circumstances will ultimately determine the kind of aid you might receive at JCC. We encourage you to review our financial aid pages for more information about your opportunities at JCC. The Net Price Calculator is embedded below. You can also visit the page directly.

The Net Price Calculator is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Web browsers. However, it does make use of some newer Web standards that are not supported by older browsers. Most significantly, users of Microsoft Internet Explorer earlier than version 8.0 or Mozilla Firefox 3.6 will probably experience problems completing parts of the calculator. Users of older browsers may want to upgrade to newer versions available for download from the respective vendors at no charge.