Student Profiles

Ali Naji and Husain Bneed

Husain Bneed and Ali Naji

Home Country: Iraq
Campus: Jamestown
"Everything and everyone here helps you with your language,” said Husain. “Everyday, we meet all sorts of American students. All the students are friendly.” [Read more]

Greg Marco in catcher's gear

Greg Marco

Home Country: Canada
Major: Criminal Justice
Campus: Jamestown
"I remember my first couple of days in the residence halls. I knew maybe my two roommates and the RA, and all of the sudden there’s all these people here and they’re like, “there’s a Canadian here, we gotta meet him.”” [Read more]

Sherel Alpkaya, JCC international student and soccer player for the Jaguars

Sherel Alpkaya

Home Country: Australia
Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities
Campus: Cattaraugus County
"Olean has something about it that wants to keep you here. The people make you feel comfortable; they make you feel welcome. I guess you don’t want to leave it, because once you do, there’s nothing like it again." [Read more]

Scott Eyong Kemah, international student at JCC

Scott Eyong Kemah

Home Country: Cameroon
Major: Nursing
Campus: Jamestown
Scott Eyong Kemah from Buea, Cameroon, is a busy man. A few days before sitting down to speak with me, he had been learning the basics of cloning. [Read more]

Hye Won Lim

Hye Won Lim ("Rosie")  

Home Country: South Korea                                                             
MajorFine Arts: Studio Art  
Campus: Jamestown

“I like everything here. Everything is so exciting, fascinating. It’s all new...I'll definitely miss the people here. [The professors] take really good care of me. I feel like they're family." [Read more]