Nuri and David at fair

Nuri Plans Toral and David Martinez Rochlin

Home Country: Mexico
Campus: Jamestown
"The program has been amazing,” said David. “We had such a great time here...I’ve learned so much. In the classroom we learned grammar and vocabulary. And when we went outside, we learned more than we had expected, ever...I would recommend that everyone come here." [Read more]

Ali Naji and Husain Bneed

Husain Bneed and Ali Naji

Home Country: Iraq
Campus: Jamestown
"Everything and everyone here helps you with your language,” said Husain. “Everyday, we meet all sorts of American students. All the students are friendly.” [Read more]

Greg Marco in catcher's gear

Greg Marco

Home Country: Canada
Major: Criminal Justice
Campus: Jamestown
"I remember my first couple of days in the residence halls. I knew maybe my two roommates and the RA, and all of the sudden there’s all these people here and they’re like, “there’s a Canadian here, we gotta meet him.” [Read more]

Sherel Alpkaya, JCC international student and soccer player for the Jaguars

Sherel Alpkaya

Home Country: Australia
Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities
Campus: Cattaraugus County
"Olean has something about it that wants to keep you here. The people make you feel comfortable; they make you feel welcome. I guess you don’t want to leave it, because once you do, there’s nothing like it again." [Read more]

Hye Won Lim

Hye Won Lim ("Rosie")  

Home Country: South Korea                                                             
MajorFine Arts: Studio Art  
Campus: Jamestown

“I like everything here. Everything is so exciting, fascinating. It’s all new...I'll definitely miss the people here. [The professors] take really good care of me. I feel like they're family." [Read more]