Community for International Friendship Program (CIFP)

Becoming part of an international experience is asInternational students bowling easy as opening your front door to an international student attending Jamestown Community College. As a volunteer in this program, you will share your culture while learning about another.

CIFP is designed to link our international students with community members and community resources. It offers you an opportunity to connect in new ways to JCC and to learn about other cultures through students from different countries. It is not a program through which students find accommodation, but a program designed to build lifelong friendships. Taking a student grocery shopping, including them at Sunday dinner, meeting them for coffee, or involving them in a holiday celebration are all simple ways of sharing.

International students attending JCC are here to expand their minds and make their experience in the United States as worthwhile as possible by learning about our culture and developing lifelong relationships. They all have left family and friends to come here, which can be a lonely experience, but you can help make their stay more memorable and more rewarding.

If you wish to become a volunteer with CIFP, please contact our international outreach office:

Office of International Outreach
525 Falconer Street
Jamestown, NY 14702

If you're ready to take the next step and open your doors to an international student, download and fill out our application. You can either mail the completed application to the address listed, or scan it and e-mail it to the International Outreach coordinator.