To make your transfer easier, JCC and many four-year colleges and universities have developed articulation agreements which serve as guidelines, ensuring that you complete appropriate courses before applying to your baccalaureate campus.

When you are accepted for transfer into a parallel program (a continuation of your first two years of study), full credit is generally awarded for your JCC coursework. To ensure that you will have the opportunity to complete your bachelor’s degree in four additional semesters of full-time study, you should work closely with an advisor at JCC in choosing courses that fulfill degree requirements at your transfer school.

JCC representatives are continually updating existing articulation agreements and negotiating new agreements. Below is a list of current agreements. While this is a listing of colleges with which JCC has specific agreements, JCC students transfer smoothly to many other institutions as well.

Transfer and other special agreements

Connect to your future through JCC's One-Plus-One Agreements, where students spend one year at JCC and then transfer to a partner institution to complete the second year of the degree program. We also have special credit opportunities.

One-Plus-One Agreements Special Credit Opportunities

For a complete list of transfer agreements that relate to a particular JCC program, please visit our specific academic program pages. Links to all of our programs are listed on our academics page.

  • Most agreements guarantee admission to the transfer school. 
  • Most agreements guarantee the opportunity to earn the bachelor's degree in four semesters.
  • Many agreements allow the transfer of more than 60 credits toward degree requirements at the transfer school.
  • Some agreements are for master's and doctoral degree programs.
  • Some agreements allow students to earn their bachelor's degree online. 
Transfer School Transfer Program
Edinboro University Applied Media Arts view
Edinboro University Business Administration view
Edinboro University Computer Science view
Edinboro University Criminal Justice view
Edinboro University Early Childhood Education view
Edinboro University Health and Physical Education: Health Promotion view
Edinboro University Health and Physical Education: Human Performance view
Edinboro University Health and Physical Education: Recreation Administration view
Edinboro University Health and Physical Education: Sport Administration view
Edinboro University Health and Physical Education: Teacher Certification view
Edinboro University Most bachelor’s degree programs (Academic Passport) view
Edinboro University Social Work view
Edinboro University Studio Arts view
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