Danelle Turney headshot

Danelle Turney '12

Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science
Transfer Institution: SUNY Geneseo

Danelle Turney was a student ambassador and honors student while at JCC. She's currently a lab research assistant in psychology at SUNY Geneseo, where she had the chance to talk with JCC transfer students.

"I just wanted to brag about JCC a little to you because I think it's really great!

"I am a lab research assistant in the psychology department at SUNY Geneseo, and I was recently interviewing undergraduate students for research assistant positions. A former JCC student stood out as a fantastic candidate, and I foresee him becoming a member of our lab with no trouble at all.

"Also, the Psychology Club at SUNY Geneseo hosted a registration workshop for all students majoring in psychology. I was in charge of the transfer students, and there were about 14 transfer students at the workshop out of over 50 attendees. I was curious where they were from, so I asked them to state their first college. At least half of them replied with JCC, and one was from the Cattaraugus County Campus in Olean.

"I just think it's fantastic to see all these new transfers from JCC taking initiative and putting themselves out there in order to get research assistant positions and be a part of clubs and campus life.

"I always tell my peers that JCC really helps students feel comfortable putting themselves out there and getting involved."

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