Medaille College 

Information Systems (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Number of JCC credits transferable to this program: up to 68
Program delivered: online
Information: 716.880.2000 or 800.292.1582

The Bachelor of Business Administration in information systems (BBA/IS) is an online degree program designed to teach the theories, models, tools, and techniques needed to use information technology in innovative and effective business administration. Information systems (IS) is defined as the use of computers and information to enable people and organizations to be more creative and productive. Course material reflects a body of knowledge that focuses on teaching and applying three basic functions of information systems: 1) identifying the needs of an individual or organization, 2) designing and developing systems to meet those requirements, and 3) deploying these systems to solve real-world problems. Solutions may involve applying the latest technology to improve the delivery of products and services, while insuring that the systems are secure.

Transfer agreement details 

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