Figures during a religious celebration
Religious figures
during a festival
Stroll through the market
central plaza 
Central plaza in Antigua 

Ancient temple 
in Tikal

 excavated temple
Temple waiting 
to be excavated 
near Tikal
model of tikal

Model of ancient
Mayan city of Tikal

Stones used by
for Mayans for
 tops of temples peeking above treetops
Tops of temples 
peeking above treetops 


central courtyard in Tikal
Central courtyard in 
giant tree
Tree (with a 
person for scale) 
 church exterior 
Exterior of a church
church interior
Interior of a church 
during the Feast of
Corpus Christi 
exterior in Antigua 
Old exterior in Antigua
A mountain in the 
distance bordering 
 depiction of Christ in a courtyard 
Depiction of Christ in
a courtyard
woman sells food 
Woman selling food 
 Pacaya volcano 
Pacaya Volcano
Sure-footed mount
for climbing Pacaya
Bernice's host family
Bernice's host family 
and her son (far left) 
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