Students Seeking a Degree or Certificate

If you intend to complete your degree at JCC, you should have completed a college application and declared your major. If you have not done that already, you can apply online.

It is important that you talk with an advisor before registering for online courses since several online courses are only offered every other semester. We want to ensure you are able to graduate according to your original expectation.

Remember, if you take any courses from another institution, have your transcripts sent to JCC so we have a complete picture of what you need to complete your degree. NOTE: If you are completing an ON-CAMPUS major, contact your assigned advisor.

Advisor for Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information Technology
David Jeffery, 716.338.1312

Advisor for Individual Studies
Ron Turak, 716.338.1007

Advisor for Entrepreneurship I
James Chimenti, 716.338.1225
Sarah Bray, 716.376.7547

Advisor for Business Administration
Cindy Hinz, 716.376.7591

Undecided Students

If you are not sure what degree or certificate program is right for you, contact the Counseling and Career Center Career at 1.800.388.8557 or 716.338.1007.
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Students Not Seeking a Degree or Certificate

If you are not working toward a degree at JCC but would like to take a course, you do not need to talk with an advisor, but you do need to meet any course prerequisites listed in the course description.

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